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Brand Building in a New Era | Shawn Walchef on The Cantore Show | DH063

Podcast Cover Image - DH064 Chris Cantore Show Repurpose Cover

At Cali BBQ we learned early on that to get people to care about us, we had to reach out to them online.

Veteran broadcaster and notable San Diego media personality Chris Cantore (our former podcast guest) featured our Cali BBQ Media story on his The Cantore Show podcast.

Dh064 The Cantore Show podcastRecording in his surf hut studio, Cantore dug into Cali BBQ Media’s digital evolution and reaction to the fundamental changes in the hospitality industry that occurred in 2020. The smartphone that you hold right now is a gift that unlocks endless opportunity if you use it the right way.

At Cali BBQ Media, we believe every business can — and should — become its own media company. In 2021 and beyond, you need to be digital and you need to be hospitable.

Learn more on The Cantore Show podcast, available on-demand from YEW Online.

The Cantore Show Shawn Visit June 2020

When we opened up Cali BBQ in 2008, I never dreamed that twelve years later I would have so many close friends in media.

Podcasting with the legendary Chris Cantore of Yew Online from his converted surf hut and talking about our Cali BBQ Media journey is something I will never forget. Hopefully you enjoy the old school Bishop’s School stories as well!

Shawn Walchef with Cali BBQ cocktails to go on The Cantore Show

Do you own / operate a business? You could learn a lot from this discussion.

Every Tuesday and Thursday, Chris Cantore releases new episodes via his YEW Online with guests ranging from athletes to politicians to musicians to physicians.

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