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The flagship show of Cali BBQ Media, Digital Hospitality is an interview podcast series that explores the ways successful people have harnessed the power of the Internet and social media. The show is hosted by Cali BBQ Media Founder Shawn P. Walchef and is a must-listen for anyone in the hospitality business. 

Are you SICK and TIRED of scrolling through your social media feeds and not seeing your business anywhere? On the new Restaurant Influencers podcast, top leaders in the restaurant and hospitality industries share their secrets to Smartphone Storytelling and showing up where your customers are spending time online. The weekly digital series is hosted by Cali BBQ Media Founder Shawn P. Walchef and presented by Entrepreneur Media, Yelp, and the Restaurant Point of Sale company Toast.

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Cali BBQ Media offers a wide range of services ranging from coaching to content publication. Our team has years of experience in helping businesses develop and execute content strategies that work. 

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Each week, the team from Cali BBQ Media hosts an open forum discussion with professionals and entrepreneurs from all over the hospitality industry. 

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