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Change Your Life With Mindset Shifts | Dr. Justin Moseley

DH062 Dr Justin Moseley The Mindset Doctor Coaching Session

Justin Moseley is The Mindset Doctor. But he wasn’t always that type of doctor.

A practicing chiropractor, and a successful one at that, Dr. Justin Moseley found that his greatest success was not the joy he got from growing his own medical practice but rather the joy that came from helping other chiropractors do just that.

DH062 Mindset Shift Tip

“What I loved the most was being able to take another doctor and change his mindset,” reflects Justin Moseley on the Digital Hospitality podcast about pumping up his peers. “The doctor would go back to his practice and it would just take off.”

As a young adult, Justin knew everything there was to know about the back. Before that, however, he had already learned the power of a more important muscle: the mind.

DH062 The Mindset Doctor Podcast Cover Justin Moseley

As a teenager, a curious mind and relentless work ethic took his approach to school and sports to that of investing in himself.

“I read that first Tony Robbins book, Awaken the Giant Within, when I was sixteen,” Justin recalls. “It really shifted my mind because it showed me what is possible.

DH062 Awaken the Giant Within Tony Robbins

“You really can change your life by making certain shifts in your mindset and I truly believe people are one mindset shift away from completely changing their lives if they dive in and go deep.”

What does going deep entail?

We’ll let The Mindset Doctor share his prescription.

DH062 Justin Moseley Headshot

“Diving in and figuring out what is your calling,” Justin Moseley said on the Digital Hospitality podcast. “And continually question that, because as we grow, our calling can change, and our vision can change for our life. For me, the calling was I want to change lives and make a difference. But it changed along the way.”


What is Your Identity?


Dr. Justin’s calling came with a deep dive, but his pivot came with deep pain.

The chiropractor who was changing the lives of his patients and peers was soon about to see his profession and practice in jeopardy.

“We identify with our profession,” starts Justin.

“For me, my identity was a chiropractor. When I injured my shoulder and I physically couldn’t do my job I had lost my identity. I had to step back and realize being a chiropractor was what I did, but it’s not who I was.

So, I started going deeper and figuring out like that it was just a vehicle for my true calling, which was making a difference.”

Thanks to the help of his chiropractor wife, Justin was able to keep the practice alive without being hands on with the patients. Thanks to his deep dive and pivot, he was able to transition into mindset coaching.

DH062 Dr Justin Moseley Darryll Stinson

While Justin had been serving as a mindset coach without title to his peers for years, he decided to take it on in a whole new manner as a peer to peer business. Justin loved it, but could he love it more?

“If money wasn’t an issue, what would I do?” Justin asked himself.

Soon came an answer.

“I want to put out content on mindset and personal growth and development,” Justin realized. “It changed my life and I know it will change other people’s lives. I didn’t know if anybody was going to listen, but within the first few weeks, we grew to 1,000 members. I went from just behind the scenes coaching people to straight from digital. I created a six-figure coaching business within six months using the power of digital and just showing up consistently.”

Making the most of his mindset mastery and the reach of digital, Justin doubled down on his calling and hit it big with both bravery and consistency.

Doing the workday in and day out was not hard for Justin. Putting himself out there on the internet was.

“I am an extreme introvert,” shares Justin.

“One thing that I do coach people on is an identity shift, like creating this alter ego of yourself. For me, when I think of The Mindset Doctor, I think of how I want to show up. So, me, Justin Mosley, wants to sit here and read a book and not put myself out here and not be on video, but The Mindset Doctor wants to show up because he wants to impact lives.

Podcast Cover Image - DH062 The Mindset Doctor Justin Moseley

“I think that’s what people can do with their brand. Their brand can be their highest level of themselves. Then when they’re wearing the brand and repping the brand, they show up as the best self they possibly can show up as. That’s when they make a difference and make an impact with their business.”


What’s Stopping You?


So, if an extreme introvert can shift his mindset to help others shift their mindsets then what’s stopping you?

Stage fright, doubt, fear, laziness, lack of time. Yes, all legit quandaries. Thankfully, Justin has a solution for you.

“Do a challenge with yourself,” Justin Moseley advises. “Shoot a video of yourself for 30 straight days. You don’t even have to publish, but it will give you the reps. What you’ll notice is you’re going to start to get so comfortable. You’re going to look back like, ‘Man, what I said was actually really good! I should publish this!’”

Sounds easy, right?

It is.

“You have an iPhone, you have the ability to produce content, so just start doing it,” says Justin. “One of the mentors of mine years ago told me, ‘Done is better than perfect.’ That’s stuck with me. Because if we try to shoot for perfection and never get it done, we’re not going to move the needle. So, I do believe in just putting yourself out there.”

DH 062 Team Member Thank You Letter Mindset Doctor

That belief in yourself and commitment can pay off.

Just the same, it can cost you if pushed off.

“I like to ask the question — whether it’s in business or not — what is it going to cost you if you don’t do this?” Justin asks. “By you not producing content, what does it cost you? What does it cost you in the last year for not putting yourself out there, for not going on a podcast, for not putting out videos? What is it going to cost you in the next six months or the next year? Because it adds up quickly.”

DH 062 Mindset Transformation Mastermind Crew

If Justin would’ve never taken his mindset coaching business online, it would’ve literally cost him six-figures.

However, when it comes to your calling and the deep dive questions that led Justin to his path of passion it was truly never about money.

“Whatever is on your heart, share it with the world because people need this,” states Justin.

Justin – or rather The Mindset Doctor – is sharing his message and helping other people shift just the same. What slight shift will lead to you reaching your full potential?




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