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How Juancarlos Chicon Found Grit in Franchising

Juancarlo Chicon is President of the NextGen Dining Group, and a multi unit Franchisee of Jersey Mike’s across the country.  Though early struggles, his and his family’s struggles as a youth instilled grit and determination to stick through the tough times.  Chicon learned of Restaurant365 while operating six Jersey Mike’s locations. Initially believing the platform […]

How Teyoshe Smith Transformed Charcuterie with Bite by Bite & Co.

Teyoshe Smith, founder of Bite by Bite and Co., has revolutionized the art of charcuterie with her unique approach and passion for nurturing others. With the goal to “normalize charcuterie across the world”, Smith has grown her business on authenticity, customer service, and grit.  Originally called Grazing Crazy, Bite by Bite and Co., begin with […]

Rising Tide LinkedIn Live: When to Make the Leap

Last week, the participants of the Rising Tides LinkedIn Live room hosted by Cali BBQ Media discussed their personal entrepreneurship journeys. What they all discovered was the winding roads that have endured, led to the points they are at currently. There were stories shared and inspiration available in spades.  Take a listen to this week’s […]

Shawn Walchef Discusses Dynamic Pricing and Customer Loyalty on The Restaurant Growth Show

Cali BBQ and Cali BBQ Media Founder, Shawn Walchef spoke on The Restaurant Growth Show powered by Dynpricing to discuss dynamic pricing and restaurants greatest fear. He also spoke to hosts Gordon Paterson and Jose Albis about incentivizing customer loyalty. Cali BBQ, have garnered national attention for implementing dynamic pricing. Often misunderstood as “surge pricing,” […]

Actionable Guidance with Jason E. Brooks

Jason E. Brooks, an entrepreneur, author, speaker, coach, and founder of Hospivation LLC, has a passion for the hospitality industry, and is dedicated to empowering leaders through his book, “Every Leader Needs Followers.”  His book provides a roadmap for transformation, offering ten actionable keys to success while preserving individuality.  “I’ve been trying to find how […]

Insights from the Bar & Restaurant Expo: Maximizing Your Restaurant’s Potential

Cali BBQ Media founder Shawn Walchef attended the Bar & Restaurant Expo in Las Vegas to experience an invaluable day of learning and networking and he is taking you behind the scenes with partners, like Toast, Davo, and more Discover the secrets shared by industry experts and seasoned professionals like Chip Klose and Matt Joiner, […]

Coaching Call with David Meltzer: Unlocking the Secret to Success

Discover the keys to thriving in the content creator economy with David Meltzer’s invaluable guidance, shared during a recent coaching call with Cali BBQ Media. Digital Hospitality host and Cali BBQ Media owner Shawn Walchef has had the pleasure of having world renowned entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker, and business coach David Meltzer as a friend […]

Creating an Inclusive Pizza Experience with Ernie Carrillo of Joe & Ernie’s Pizzeria

An Inclusive Dining Experience Ernie Carrillo, the founder of Joe & Ernie’s Pizzeria, is crafting an inclusive dining experience that caters to everyone’s tastes and dietary needs. From vegan options to gluten-free delights, Carrillo’s commitment to quality and diversity sets his pizzeria apart in Southern California’s vibrant culinary scene. “I think pizza is that type […]