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How To Be More Comfortable On Camera | Amy Scruggs Media | DH111

Amy Scruggs interview on Digital Hospitality podcast

Want to be good on camera? Media Coach Amy Scruggs knows exactly how.

Two decades deep on TV, the country music recording artist and host of CNBC’s Financing the American Dream has plenty of titles but even more experience. Acting as a media coach and author in her time off, Amy has mastered always being on by always being herself.

“I love when people see me laugh too loud,” admits Amy Scruggs (@amyscruggsmedia) on this podcast episode.

“I’m goofy. I’m honest about that because I’m a real person out there trying to make a difference as well.”

Amy Scruggs is our guest on this episode of the Digital Hospitality podcast where she dug into the skills and tips you can use to help you feel better about being the face of your brand online.

It’s important to tell your story online, but sometimes it’s difficult to point the camera at ourselves.

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Amy Scruggs Media on Digital Hospitality

Yes, Amy Scruggs is polished and professional but she’s comfortable being human. Even as natural as that may sound, coming across as yourself on camera can be daunting even for those totally true to self.

So, how did she get so good? Like a football coach, she studies the tape.

“I watch everything back,” notes Amy in our podcast conversation. “If I lead an interview or I’m in an interview, I’m going to watch it back and ask, Was I authentic? Did I articulate? Did I ramble on? What are some of the things in those common mistakes that happen?

“I’m willing to always go back in and dissect if I was showing who I really am and my passion in my heart. Watching the tape creates champions, and it’s no different in our business.”

Ask Amy, practice makes perfect and helps us sharpen our skills while accepting our insecurities. But what makes it all connect? Passion.

“We all deal with insecurities,” begins Amy. “But when you get into the passion of what you’re doing and you’re why it resonates with people. And guess what? I’m resonating with you right now and I don’t care what my hair looks like.”


All About Making Media —

As an artist and a TV host, Amy Scruggs is all in on the media because it’s her job to make it. However, Amy is also canny enough to realize that if you have a business then your job is also media whether you know it or not.

Because of this understanding and experience, Amy has branched into coaching to help those looking to shine on screen just like her.

“All industries, all professionals have that common thread of being comfortable in front of the camera,” Amy acknowledges.

“Being able to articulate and share your message in a way that’s going to resonate where it becomes a game changer. It’s so common for people to not know how to do it — more common than people realize. Everybody thinks you’re the only one that’s not comfortable and that’s just not the case.”

This common problem amongst professionals and growing importance to create content has inspired Amy’s coaching career and also made her an author. In October, her book Lights, Camera, Action: Media Coaching for Any Professional in Today’s Digital World will be released on Amazon.

The book is not just a manual for those looking to learn her skills, it’s a push to prove just how much easier those skills are to master and how much further one can project their message in modern times.

“When I started in the business industry in 2001, I was doing it with a flip phone and a wired earpiece,” laughs Amy. “What we have now is a privilege. If we see it as a privilege, a joy and an incredible opportunity that no one in the world has ever seen before, we should start taking some of those nerves down, don’t you think?”

She has a point.

While one can wait until October to read Amy’s book or access her coaching professionally, Amy has one free and easy tip to be good on camera that you can do today: it’s to make one video and make it about one subject.

Forget your flaws, connect to your passion and keep recording. Then keep watching to improve your craft. It took Amy Scruggs two decades to conquer the camera, but with her experience and your access to modern media you can bring your best starting today.

After all, that camera is already in your pocket.


-Feature article by Cali BBQ Media content creator Ian Stonebrook. Follow @ianstonebrook on social media.

Amy Scruggs interview on Digital Hospitality podcast

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