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Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe | Manvir Singh Anand (TKG Ventures) | DH110

Interview with Manvir Singh Anand on Digital Hospitality

You never know who you’ll meet on Clubhouse. Case in point: Manvir Singh Anand.

“Your vibe attracts your tribe,” believes the food business expert, serial entrepreneur, and bestselling author.

Watch and learn more now on this educational episode of the Digital Hospitality podcast, a Cali BBQ Media production. 


Manvir Singh Anand
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Based in New Delhi, but now connected with Cali BBQ Media thanks to the power of the internet, Manvir Anand may be many miles away from us, but he certainly runs with the same tribe.

Having amassed success in the catering, coaching and event space, Manvir’s curiosity led him into our weekly Digital Hospitality Friday conversations on Clubhouse.

By the following Monday, Manvir was already appearing on our Digital Hospitality podcast. His love of storytelling and understanding of the ghost kitchen/ghost kitchen space made him a fast friend.

“The cloud kitchen space is not about the location, location, location,” notes Manvir Singh Anand on Digital Hospitality. “It’s about being within the five-foot radius of the customer and that’s the power of it. That’s why the economics of cloud space have changed completely.

“That’s why you can start your own restaurant from the comfort of your home, because you just need the requisite licenses.”

To no surprise, this trend in the food space has only been sped up by the pandemic.

“Everyone is a home chef now!” Manvir exclaims. “A lot of people lost their jobs. So, a lot of people had that shift towards micro entrepreneurship.”

When it comes to ordering from cloud kitchens, Manvir recommends going with specialists, not generalists.

How might you know who is who when making your choice? The answer is in that same smartphone.

“I definitely believe in the concept of social proof,” begins Manvir. “It’s all about Google. What does the algorithm tell me about you?”

Big facts.

So, what does that mean if you’re running your own business or if you are in fact your own business? Step up your online footprint whether it’s publishing content on your website or on your social channels. The juice is worth the squeeze.

“What used to be a frivolous activity five years back, posting on Facebook or posting on Instagram, is now content,” laughs but acknowledges Manvir. “The stories we tell are the stories we live, and these are the stories which end up inspiring if not everyone, even one person.”

When Manvir says this, he means this. Over the course of the pandemic, Manvir became a publisher on a larger scale due to quarantine closing down his events business.

Penning his first book, Catering Your Way to Financial Independence, the new author from New Delhi found himself out of event work but atop the Amazon Best Sellers list.

Not a bad pandemic pivot.

“Writing this book was what was out of sheer unemployment,” admits Manvir. “I didn’t know what to do with my life to be very honest.”

For Manvir, creating content kept him busy when work was slow. It was not only necessary to maintain his spark during a tough time, it’s something he found he enjoyed even if it wasn’t his first trade.

Based on his own success in this space, he strongly urges anyone and everyone to stay storytelling despite their reservations.

“Whatever you create, think about it this way,” starts Manvir, “that even if ten years, 20 years or 30 years down the line, or even just ten days down the line, if you can look back on that point and say, ‘Yes, I did something and I’m proud of that,’ or, ‘I had fun during my time,’ it was worth it, right?”

As an Amazon Bestseller, Manvir is proud of the content he created but prouder of the people that content has been able to help.

Still, Manvir understands that to be available to others you have to be persistent in making yourself visible.

“Market yourself,” Manvir states. “It’s all about building a massive mouth as well as creating a lot of content, social proof and building multiple revenue streams.”

As a caterer, coach, entrepreneur and author, Manvir is not just talking the talk, he’s living it.

Hopefully after hearing him speak and reading his book you will, too.

“If your content inspires even one person you’ve done your job,” closes Manvir Singh Anand.


– Feature Article by Cali BBQ Media Content Specialist Ian Stonebrook. Follow Ian on social media @ianstonebrook.

Interview with Manvir Singh Anand on Digital Hospitality

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