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Kickstart Audience Engagement Before Your Big Launch | Will Ford (Launchboom) | DH109

Before product launch, Kickstart your engagement with Launchboom

Will Ford decided it was time to help others reach their dreams. The serial entrepreneur’s latest mission? Launchboom.

“At Launchboom we focus on everything that happens in preparation for the launch,” the crowdfunding expert said on the Digital Hospitality podcast. Watch the full interview now on our YouTube channel.

“Through Facebook and Instagram advertising, we’re trying to pre-sell the presale on Kickstarter, on Indiegogo, and we’re able to do this by building lead funnels and reservation funnels.”

Will Ford is a man not afraid to chase his dreams and share his tale of the tape.

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While Kickstarter provides entrepreneurs the platform to bring their idea to market, the question is, how do you even know if there is a market?

Rather than have the entrepreneur spend valuable time and money on making their idea a reality before knowing if anyone actually wants it, Launchboom does the legwork to market your idea to an ideal audience and build a buy-in before your presale.

“It’s just a smarter, safer way to validate demand and generate thousands of new loyal customers in a short amount of time,” says Launchboom President Will Ford. “When I say short amount of time, it’s usually about a six to nine-month process from all the prep work to the live launch and then the continuation of that presale.”

Will Ford Interview with Shawn Walchef about LaunchboomYes, in the same time it takes a baby to pop out, Launchboom can have the consumer and campaign information to let you know if your baby of a business idea is ready for the market.

LaunchBoom Approach to Crowdfunding —

The LaunchBoom approach stems from devising a digital demand to know who wants your product before it’s too soon or too late.

“We create a ton of content at launch from studios here internally,” shares Will Ford on Digital Hospitality. “We’ll create dozens of Facebook and Instagram ads towards specific audience groups that we think are the ideal customers. Then we spend a lot of our time micro-testing to find the ideal demand so we can really understand that customer to create the best offer possible so that we can create a ton of excitement before we launch a Kickstarter campaign.”

What’s the best-case scenario from all this intel? It’s what Will likes to call the Launchboom effect.

“We get entire campaigns funded within minutes because we’ve already created the engagement,” smiles Will.

This unique approach to entrepreneurship comes from an understanding of online marketing and Will’s own career building businesses.

For those in the idea biz, Will can make your physical product pop in the digital world.

“Products that generally perform super well through Launchboom are physical and tangible” notes Will. “Like hardware, food, goods, products like that.”

Funny enough, Will does not advise using Launchboom with the same enthusiasm when it comes to innovating in the actual digital world.

“I have a lot of people that come to me saying they want to launch an app or software development company and those deals are a lot more challenging,” admits Will. “Those generally don’t check out and work that well.”

For Will’s new base of clientele, Launchboom couldn’t have come at a better time.

For Will himself, it’s better late than never.

“Before crowdfunding I was the guy who had the product,” recalls Will. “You had to go figure out manufacturing, how to put all this money and time and resources into launching that product. I’d better be right, because if I’m wrong, I’m the guy upside down before I even get started. I’ve been there before, and that’s a tough place to be.”

“So, what I love about crowdfunding is the fact that it mitigates all that financial risk exposure and it saves a lot of time and money literally every single time.”

Now with clients in over 50 countries, Will Ford has the chance to help entrepreneurs produce products that will change lives and get into active hands.

Will may be past his days of putting his own product on Launchboom, but he’s looking ahead to make the next generation of entrepreneurs leverage his learning through modern means.

“Technology is the future,” Will Ford states. “It really is. And if you fight it, you’re going to get left behind.”


– Feature article by Digital Hospitality Specialist Ian Stonebrook @ianstonebrook.

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