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The Future of Office Space in a Remote Reality | Inside Cloudbeds Headquarters | DH052

Podcast Cover Image - DH052 Cloudbeds HQ Interview Episode

Cloudbeds is on fire. As one of the hottest tech startups around, the company is growing at a steady rate while adapting to an ever-changing work culture.

Digital Hospitality toured Cloudbeds‘ San Diego headquarters with company cofounders Adam Harris and Richard Castle as they returned to their amazing and — currently unused — office space for the first time since it shut its doors in March 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

DH052 Cloudbeds HQ - Screenshot - Tour StartIn 2018 we interviewed Adam Harris on our Behind the Smoke podcast when Cloudbeds already had about 200 people on staff. Now with 420 employees in 135 countries, we wanted to catch up with the company founders to learn lessons and hear stories about their continuing journey.

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DH052 Cloudbeds HQ - Screenshot - Shawn Walchef

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About Cloudbeds:

Cloudbeds was founded in 2012 in San Diego by Adam Harris and Richard Castle. The company provides cloud-based hospitality management software to thousands of properties in over 135 countries and has more than 400 employees who work remotely all over the world. Cloudbeds has also been awarded big investments and won many awards and accolades.

DH052 Cloudbeds HQ - Screenshot - Adam Harris and Richard CastleLearn more about Cloudbeds at




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Quotes from this Episode:

Changing Office Culture in 2020 I don’t think office spaces can be what they used to be. You no longer can have food services, coffee services, water service, whatever. … We used to have snacks everywhere and food and beer on tap. …This was about having fun at work and bringing out the child in us a little bit and not just being always adult time. That has kind of gone to waste. It’s sad. And I don’t know how long we’ll be here like that. But at some point, this will return to normal and we’ll get back to that old way.”

DH052 Cloudbeds HQ - Screenshot - Shuffleboard BreakfroomCloudbeds is a Purpose-Driven Company — “It’s making making people feel engaged. They have a purpose. And we’ve tried to create a workplace where when they get up in the morning to have a purpose to come to work, they feel like they’re changing travel. They’re changing the world. They’re doing something for people that love to travel and hotels and hosts all over the world.”

DH052 Cloudbeds HQ - Screenshot - Neon Sign HallwayLiving in Remote Work Culture — “We have a rule if not everyone is in the same physical room, you can’t have someone call in remote and put them on on a TV screen. Everyone has to be in the room or everyone has to be on Zoom remote. … we’re building a remote culture. So the office culture is a secondary culture to the remote culture which comes first.”

DH052 Cloudbeds HQ - Screenshot - Office Space with DesksManaging a Global Workforce — “Cloudbeds, it’s the embodiment of globalization. I mean, we really are. This was before COVID in 2012. I was in Brazil. Adam was in the U.S. We had to learn to be in an office. It wasn’t natural for us. Even before Cloudbeds we didn’t have an office. We worked together for years. I think it’s taking that to the next level.”

DH052 Cloudbeds HQ - Screenshot - BTS RecordingUsing Slack for Restaurants — “For me, Slack is just an asynchronous communication hub. It gives you the ability to share information. It gives people the ability to get real-time help. It allows you to connect docs. It allows you to connect video. Whatever it is, it’s just a hub. It’s just this medium that connects you through type or voice or whatever. And so a restaurant, absolutely could harness that today.”


Check out the Digital Hospitality blog to learn more about Cloudbeds work culture and digital future.



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