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How Cloudbeds is Prepared for a Digital Future and Remote Culture

DH052 Cloudbeds HQ - Screenshot - Office Tree

Cloudbeds cofounders Adam Harris and Richard Castle are maintaining their space. After all, they have plenty of it. As they enter the Downtown San Diego headquarters for their thriving company Cloudbeds, none of the company’s 420 employees across 135 countries are currently in the 10,000 square feet space. This of course, was not the plan. […]

The Future of Office Space in a Remote Reality | Inside Cloudbeds Headquarters | DH052

Podcast Cover Image - DH052 Cloudbeds HQ Interview Episode

Cloudbeds is on fire. As one of the hottest tech startups around, the company is growing at a steady rate while adapting to an ever-changing work culture. Digital Hospitality toured Cloudbeds‘ San Diego headquarters with company cofounders Adam Harris and Richard Castle as they returned to their amazing and — currently unused — office space […]

#049: Amazing Hospitality Isn’t Just Reserved for Five Star Hotels – Cloudbeds

Cloudbeds co-founder Adam Harris lost sleep so you could sleep better. When you hear the name “Cloudbeds” you’re more likely to think of a Tempur-Pedic competitor than a tech startup. More so, when you think tech startup, you’re probably more likely to think Silicon Valley than San Diego. Well, think again. Stopping by the Behind […]