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How Cloudbeds is Responding to COVID-19 with Care and Creativity | #HospitalityHelps

cloudbeds coronavirus aid #hospitalityhelps

Right now, the entire nation is in a state of uncertainty as we search for solutions on how to stop the spread of the  COVID-19. Cloudbeds is one of many stepping up to help.

While social distancing and home quarantining are being used from coast to coast as an effective means of slowing the rate at which the virus increases its reach, countless industries are being hurt by the pandemic while the healthcare system is being bombarded.

The San Diego-based Hotel Tech company Cloudbeds is using their platform and resources to merge the gap between overcrowded hospitals and vacant hotels.

“With each passing hour, we face an ever more acute shortage of available beds for the sick, and for health professionals who are fighting coronavirus,” Adam Harris, CEO of Cloudbeds, told The San Diego Tribune. “At the same time, we are seeing many lodging providers reducing occupancy or sitting empty altogether.”

As hospitals find themselves reaching capacity, Cloudbeds has the reach and resources to connect them to empty beds in hotels. Serving over 20,000 properties in the hospitality space by way of their management software for hostels, bed and breakfasts and hotels, Cloudbeds has responded to COVID-19 by adding new tools for properties interested in volunteering their rooms for hospital or government use.

“This is a time when all of us must take action to do what we can to avoid reaching an unprecedented breaking point in our health care system,” Richard Castle, President and COO at Cloudbeds, told “It doesn’t make sense that patients in need of beds should be without them, when there are hundreds of beds available around the corner.”

Covid 19 Hospitality Helps

Cloudbeds is Making a Difference

Thankfully, Cloudbeds is using both their tech and human resources to make a difference.

“We have a team of people working around the clock to help alleviate the strain by mobilizing the hospitality community,” continued Richard Castle. “As communities continue to act urgently to prepare, we hope that leaders in hospitality and other industries will step forward to support them.”

Walking their talk, Cloudbeds has over 50 staffers dedicated to COVID-19 alone that are actively communicating with government agencies and health care providers in a response to overflow needs.

Cloudbeds is focused on serving both patients and affected industries in this time of need with #HospitalityHelps.

“The hotel industry has always been about people first and foremost,” echoed Adam Harris. “#hospitalityhelps is connecting our hotel customers and industry partners with government and healthcare agencies to help people who need it most – by making more beds available.”

Interested in contacting Cloudbeds at this time? You can reach out to for immediate response. For more information visit

In addition, any help in connecting Cloudbeds with government officials is much appreciated and of huge assistance at this time!

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