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The Answers Are Within You | Emily Silva (Sunrise Gratitude Author) | DH060

Podcast Cover Image - DH060 Emily Silva

Being grateful and at your best is a day-by-day journey — from Sunrise to Moonlight and back again. 365 days a year.

Digital Hospitality guest Emily Silva Hockstra is an inspiring author and life coach. Her 2020 book Sunrise Gratitude shares 365 morning meditations to help others find the joy and the sacred every day.

Souls Adventures BannerAlong her journey in life, Emily Silva has experienced bumps along the way. As she’s healed and grown spiritually, she wants to help others find the same inner awakenings of the soul.

Emily Silva Souls Adventures Website

Emily is a firm believer that being vulnerable is courageous and well worth it. Opening up to the universe has allowed Emily to grow.

“It’s not an easy road where you just lay your life out to the universe,” Emily Silva said on the Digital Hospitality podcast. “It’s not all roses. Spiritual awakenings are painful and it’s tough, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

Emily Silva looks for the sacred every day

Opening herself up to others has enabled her friends, family and followers to grow just the same.

“Share your voice,” Emily encourages others. “You never know who’s watching, listening or reading. You never know who you’re touching.

Emily Silva Hockstra San Diego

Make sure to listen to the in-depth and insightful conversation with Emily Silva on our Digital Hospitality podcast.

Read the Cali BBQ Media blog for a feature articles about Emily Silva, Sunrise Gratitude, and more.

Emily Silva 2019


Emily Silva Hockstra:

After spending many successful years working for corporations, Emily Silva decided to take a leap by quitting her job to pursue her dreams of becoming a writer and helping women harness their bravery to go after the lives they desire. She started a life coaching business and has helped her clients with career changes, starting their own businesses, and cultivating their spiritual lives. She is the author of Sunrise Gratitude, Moonlight Gratitude and Find Your Glow Feed Your Soul!

Get in touch with Emily Silva online at


Sunrise Gratitude:

Start every day with Sunrise Gratitude, a collection of 365 guided meditations accompanied by lush illustrations and photographs of nature that will guide your mind to a place of calm awareness and purpose—the perfect companion to Moonlight Gratitude. As the sun rises, it can be hard to motivate yourself to wake up and start your busy schedule, but with this gorgeous book you’ll learn to heighten your awareness, so you start the day feeling refreshed and ready to be your best self.

Buy online:

Sunrise Gratitude book cover

An example of one of the morning mediations:

February 20 — Living intentionally creates a soulful reason behind our actions. When we take the time to focus on what we want and why we want it, we can narrow our focus. Instead of allowing our thoughts to run wild, focusing shapes our reality. Wherever our focus goes, growth can take place. Creating an intention with focus will reap rewards. In fact, it may not happen exactly as you would envision, but it will happen as it should.




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