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Dreams Don’t Come True Overnight, They’re Unwrapped Every Morning | Emily Silva

Over the course of three inspirational books and years of soul searching, Emily Silva Hockstra has empowered women from all over to connect to their spiritual core to manifest their goals and desires.

Emily Silva Hockstra San Diego

However, that doesn’t mean it’s all bubble baths and instant results.

“Just because you dream it doesn’t mean it’s going to happen tomorrow,” notes Emily Silva, author, professional life coach, and Digital Hospitality podcast guest.

Podcast Cover Image - DH060 Emily Silva

She learned this firsthand.

“When I was in Bali, I was writing a travel memoir about how to heal a broken heart,” recalls Emily. “I put it out there and I think I got about 100 rejections. That was pretty big for an ego blow.”

None of us like hearing ‘no’ but imagine hearing it 100 times about your biggest dream.

Thankfully for Emily, life has taught her to be resilient just as she teaches her clients.

Emily Silva Souls Adventures Website

Graduating college with a history degree and taking a sharp left to work as an investment banker, Emily’s path has been one of constant change. Despite the turns or turbulence, she’s always ended up right where she needs to be.

“Being an investment banker actually opened the door for my first spiritual awakening,” Emily shares.

“During that time, the market crashed. It was nerve racking to go through that. I was only 27 years old and I felt like I was going to have a heart attack. I was told that I had anxiety disorder and they wanted to prescribe me pills but I didn’t want to take pills. So, I found meditation and yoga and it blew my mind.”

Souls Adventures Banner

The stress from the market crash and diagnosis from the doctors led her to yoga and meditation which provided her first spiritual awakening. This was not exactly an easy time, but a necessary one.

Her first awakening led Emily to leave her high stress job and further pursue her spiritual core. These days, she’s helping others do the same.

Emily Silva 2019

“What’s near and dear to me is helping people tap into their soul,” smiles Emily. “Helping people learn how to listen to their intuition, clear out the clutter and live life where the sacred can be welcomed every day, no matter where you’re at.”

“We shouldn’t have to go to Bali or Costa Rica or even to church to find the sacred. We should just welcome it when we wake up, wake up like you do every morning reading and welcoming the sunrise.”

As Emily explains, the sacred is always within reach because it’s within us. For Emily, tapping into her soul and finding the sacred was not just in her but right beside her growing up as she saw through her father.

DH060 Emily Silva Interview Screenshot

“He emulated gratitude my whole life,” Emily says. “We had some hard times growing up. We had low income times, we had times where we didn’t know when we were going to eat, times where we got food baskets for Thanksgiving. This man was grateful for everything.”

The spirit and appreciation shown by Emily’s father during good times and bad inspired her to write the book Sunrise Gratitude, a daily devotional of morning meditations.

The concept of Sunrise Gratitude has inspired many, to include our own Digital Hospitality Podcast host Shawn Walchef and his mentor David Meltzer.

“When I think of sunrise and I think of gratitude, my father’s the epitome of it,” shares Emily.

“This man woke up before the sun, did his devotions and went to work joyfully. He never complained about his twelve-hour days. He came home happy, ate dinner and dealt with all five kids. He was probably super exhausted, but when we wanted his attention, he gave it to us. Giving my dad the book and giving him this dedication was very, very special.”

Being grateful and being your best is a day by day journey. Along the way, the path to healing has many bumps as Emily has experienced on her own journey.

Still, she’s a firm believer that being vulnerable is courageous and well worth it.

“It’s not an easy road where you just lay your life out to the universe,” Emily admits. “It’s not all roses. Spiritual awakenings are painful and it’s tough, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

Opening up to the universe has allowed Emily Silva to grow.

Opening herself up to others has enabled her friends, family and followers to grow just the same.

DH060 Emily Silva Find Your Glow Feed your Soul Book

“Share your voice,” Emily encourages. “You never know who’s watching, listening or reading. You never know who you’re touching. Just like my dad had no idea that me watching him wake up every single morning as a child would result in a dedication to a book.”

Emily Silva Author on her Laptop

By seeing her father wake up every morning and practice gratitude, she was eventually able to make the dreams of herself and others come true even if it didn’t happen overnight.

“You can have something in your heart for so long and visualize it,” Emily says. “It doesn’t come the way you think it’s going to come. It’s better.”

When every day you wake up is a gift, there’s no waiting on the dream, it’s already here.

Sunrise Gratitude book cover

Listen to Emily Silva on the Digital Hospitality podcast online wherever you listen to streaming audio.




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