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You Can Win At Life with a Good Mentality | Shawn Walchef on You Winning Life Podcast | DH059

Podcast Cover Image - DH058 You Winning Life Podcast Repurpose Cover

Two days after the passing of the legend Kobe Bryant, I had a tremendous and rich conversation on the You Winning Life podcast about finding a Mamba Mentality and  mental health.

This special episode of Digital Hospitality is a way to let you in on the awesome talk I had earlier this year with You Winning Life host Jason Wasser, a therapist and certified coach.

We’re going to be releasing a lot more of these special episodes so stay tuned to our Cali BBQ Media podcast feed for lots more great chats I’ve had on other shows.

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You Winning Life | Jason Wasser, LMFT

You Winning Life podcast cover art

Hosted by: Jason Wasser, LMFT

“Imagine a show where you can gather the life hacks of people who have been radically successful personally and professionally. Jason Wasser, Therapist and Certified Coach will connect you with guests from the worlds of Psychology, Spirituality, Entrepreneurship and Natural Wellness that will provide insights, motivation, self-help and shortcuts to minimizing your stress and maximizing your potential.”

Listen online and Start Winning at Life:

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