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Solving Problems in Restaurant Delivery with Moin Islam of Shipday

Moin Islam, the Co-founder and CEO of Shipday, identified a critical problem in the world of online business—delivery logistics. Recognizing the challenges associated with fulfilling orders, especially in real-time scenarios such as food delivery, he and his business partner founded Shipday to provide businesses with the flexibility needed to meet demands and ensure smooth online transactions. Islam emphasizes the inevitability of delivery challenges for online sellers but underscores the importance of addressing them rather than avoiding online sales altogether.


He tells show host Shawn Walchef of Cali BBQ Media, “If you sell online, there’s a few things, you inherit some problems, some of the things are easier.”


Shipday’s journey is unique, with early adopters, including major companies like YUM! Brands (KFC), playing a pivotal role in shaping the business. Despite not having all their technology perfected, Shipday attracted attention during the pandemic when restaurants were scrambling to establish their own delivery solutions. Islam highlights the shift towards user-centric software, where users adapt to innovative products before corporations, emphasizing that a great product will naturally find its audience.


“We always believe that if you have the great product, people will find it,” says Islam. “They really needed software and we are kind of few of the brands that are there. They found us on the Internet.”


In response to the complex logistics of tracking multiple drivers and services ranging from Uber to DoorDash, Shipday introduced a unified delivery dashboard. The dashboard not only automates processes but also provides customers with a unified experience, allowing them to track deliveries from different providers under a single brand. This consolidation enhances operational efficiency and  also contributes to a consistent and positive customer experience.


“If you deal with multiple third party vendors, we combine that for you in one place. So you can basically, in our dashboard, track Uber driver, your driver, DoorDash driver, everybody, essentially.”


Moin Islam’s dedication to solving the challenges of online commerce and delivery options fuels his ability to adapt Shipday to the evolving needs of restaurants. In this interview with Shawn Walchef, he speaks of his strategic vision which aligns with the changing dynamics of the industry.

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Interview Takeaways

The Challenges of Conducting Business as an Ecommerce Business – Shipping is a part of business that many overlook. That is why Moin Islam and Shipday was created to solve that problem and give business the flexibility to be able to meet demands and participate in smooth transactions online.


Shifting Dynamics of User-Centric Software – Shipday has a unique startup story in that their early adopters helped set up the business. Moin Islam says that even though the company did not have all of their technology ironed out, large companies, such as YUM! Brands (KFC) was in need of their digital delivery solutions.


One Local, Unified Delivery Dashboard – Shipday tracks many drivers and services. For customers, though, it is important to be able to track all the moving parts with efficiency. Moin Islam and company created a dashboard and software that allows automation of tasks and a simple way to track multiple third party integrations in one place.

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