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Shawn Walchef talks The Answer to the Internet with Local Marketing Lab

Local Marketing Lab host and VP of Marketing at Evocalize, Justin Ulrich, sat down with Cali BBQ Media co-founder, Shawn Walchef to discuss the importance of creating content. For Walchef, everyone is a creator in this current landscape. 


“Every single person is a creator. Every single person is a storyteller.” says Walchef.


In this interview, Ulrich and Walchef go in depth on the content creation process, including how progress is more important that perfection when creating content. 


As Walchef says it, “Quantity plus speed plus consistency” is the key to unlocking content creation’s potential.


Watch the full interview to learn more about why every marketer, business person, or entrepreneur should be using video to build their brand.

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Interview Takeaways

Every Single Person is a Creator – In the grand scheme of things, the internet is still very new. The newness keeps the lane wide open for people to pave their way, which, according to Shawn Walchef, makes anyone and everyone a creator. To him, the stories of individuals could be impactful to the world.


Quantity + Speed + Consistency – Shawn Walchef says the “answer to the internet” equation is quantity + Speed + consistency. Meaning, if people can find a way to get content up on the internet, it will inherently improve. Perfection isn’t ever necessary and certainly not a prerequisite to starting the process. 


You Definitely Need Video – For Shawn Walchef, the usage video is unmatched. Hitting record, then moving forward to publish is invaluable to the process of creating content. He believes that recording the video is the hard part, everything else can be generated using tools available.

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