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Shawn Walchef Talks Mastering Digital Marketing with The Meez Podcast

When it comes to storytelling, very few have the passion for it like Cali BBQ Media co-owner, Shawn Walchef. The Digital Hospitality Host stopped by The Meez Podcast to discuss the power of doing digital marketing correctly. During this interview, Shawn speaks on his many inspirations that include his Bulgarian grandfather, who encouraged him to stay curious, get involved, and ask for help. He also speaks to his unique approach to digital marketing that derives from famous philosopher, Winnie the Pooh.


Listen to the full interview to hear how Shawn says digital marketing goes beyond transactions and the importance of branding and storytelling on social media.

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Interview Takeaways

Stay Curious, Get Involved, Ask for Help – Shawn Walchef was raised by his Bulgarian grandfather. His grandfather’s influence encouraged a pillar of Shawn’s business to take risks and seek guidance.


Digital Marketing Goes Beyond Transactions – In most cases, digital marketing is a means to a transactional end. However, Shawn Walchef pulls inspiration from an unusual source that speaks more to long term, meaningful relationships than the short life span of buying or selling a product or service. 


The Importance of Personal Branding and Storytelling in Social Media – It’s no secret that Shawn Walchef believes firmly in the power of storytelling, specifically the courage to tell your own story. He often says, “no one is coming to tell your story”. Meanwhile, each person is equally responsible for marketing, branding, and selling themselves.

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