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Harness The Power of Smart Video Marketing | Brian Dempsey (Bright Tribe Video) | DH121

Brian Dempsey Smart Video Marketing Interview on Digital Hospitality

Brian Dempsey of TribeVideo wants business owners to learn to use video marketing like rockstars.

Most Americans consume 2.5 hours of video content per day. That’s a lot of ways to reach them. So, why aren’t all business owners in front of the camera telling the story of their brand?

Find out how to harness the power of smart video marketing on this episode of the Digital Hospitality podcast featuring Brain Dempsey of Tribe Video Marketing.

Watch the full interview on YouTube.

3 Takeaways from the Interview:

1. Start Where You Are – 
What social network do you spend most of your time using, connecting and engaging on? Well, that’s where you should start posting videos. Whether it’s going live on Facebook or uploading to Instagram reels, the platform will always be most purposeful if it’s native to you and your brand.

2. You Already Have the Camera – 
The first step of creating video isn’t researching the best camera on the market, it’s using the one you already have – which is likely your phone. As Brian says, most of the video we consume is not professionally edited. Additionally, the biggest hurdles in creating compelling video are not tied to tech, they’re tied to mindset.

3. One Video Makes Multiple Pieces of Content – 
Through one video, you already have audio, written and picture content merely from recording, transcribing and screenshots. On top of that, you can cut up a single video into multiple clips. On top of trust and connection, video is by all means the most bang for your buck.

Brian Dempsey Smart Video Marketing Interview on Digital Hospitality

Brian Dempsey and Smart Marketing —

Brian Dempsey, President of Bright Tribe Marketing, knows the power of smart video marketing firsthand.

“Video is the fastest pathway to trust,” digital marketing expert Brian Dempsey points out on the Digital Hospitality podcast. “People do business with people they trust, and video allows us to connect in that way. That is the fastest pathway to building trust with our existing and potential customers.”

Brian Dempsey LinkedIn

Brian Dempsey Instagram

Having worked for years in the marketing world and getting his feet wet in video for fun thanks to his love of menswear, Brian Dempsey (@40_Something_Style) quickly made the connection that video content wasn’t just the future of brand storytelling, it was the most important component of content marketing right now.

“My passion has shifted to helping people connect in meaningful ways using video to grow their business,” shares Brian. “A lot of my time and energy is doing a lot of coaching and working with agencies to help them provide video marketing services to their clients.”

As alluded, this pivot inspired Brian Dempsey to found TribeVideo.


Understanding the importance of connecting with consumers through video, Brian is here to shift the mindset of clients to help their business reach its full potential.

“There’s a gap between having the tools, the clarity, the confidence, and a content strategy,” says the marketing maven. “I’m passionate about helping people bridge that gap so that they can use the tools that they have effectively to grow their business.”

Having years of experience in public speaking and marketing, Brian is shifting the mindset of his clients that fear criticism.

“People are watching you because they’re there for you,” explains Brian. “They are your cheerleader and they’re there because of the content that you produce. Over time, practice makes progress. We’re never going to make perfect, but practice makes progress.”

He also helps clients that are afraid of not being polished when it comes to production.

“What I help people to understand is that the majority of content is not professionally produced,” shares Brian.

Take it from a guy who went from using his iPhone 6S as a camera and a stack of pillows and a tennis shoe as a tripod, it doesn’t have to be perfect.

So, how can you get started telling your story on video today?

Working with Tribe Video is definitely an amazing step. To get your feet wet right here and right now, Brian suggests going live on the platform you spend most of your time on. It will provide you the fastest way to connect to your own core of followers with the least production and risk.

On top of that, creating video content helps you create even more content for your brand to work with.

“Even if it’s a two-minute video, you might find a whole half dozen little clips in there that you want to pull out,” shares Brian Dempsey on the Digital Hospitality podcast. “That’s a 15 second nugget you’re going to drop in social and move the needle.”

No matter how you use the content, video creates the connection which is what all good storytelling is truly about.

“Think about your video content as a real conversation,” recommends Brian.

“As soon as we understand that the things that we’re sharing on video are truly a conversation then it’s not just one sided. I’m not talking to myself because in the end we want that audience to respond to us.”

-Feature Article by Cali BBQ Media Content Creator Ian Stonebrook. Get in touch with Ian @ianstonebrook on social media.



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