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(Update) Little Tommy’s Breaking and Entering Christmas 2021

Breaking and Entering Drive Thru Christmas 2021

Little Tommy Sablan and his Breaking and Entering Christmas are helping people in need for the holidays.

Food, a tree, suitcases, bikes, and many more toys were delivered to a surprised group of 47 kids in need on Dec. 8, 2021 for Little Tommy’s Breaking and Entering holiday event in San Diego.


25 Years of Little Tommy’s Breaking and Entering —

For the 25th Year of Breaking and Entering Christmas, Tommy Sablan chose a nomination letter describing how 47 kids live together in Chula Vista.

The letter says these young people have “been forgotten,” and are placed in the residency, “not because of anything they have done, but because their family life was not the best. They have been traumatized, let down their entire life.”

Michelle Beale wrote the nomination letter, and said to KUSI’s Allie Wagner that she couldn’t stop crying when she found out the kids were picked. She was happy that they were going to feel like they were loved, and experience something they never have before.

Thousands of dollars in gifts were brought for the kids in need as they were eating breakfast nearby.

Frank Motors Group sponsored Breaking and Entering Drive-Thru Christmas, which is organized every year by Tommy Sablan.

The Cali BBQ Media family is also proud to support this annual San Diego holiday tradition.

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KUSI News was on the scene to record Little Tommy’s Breaking and Entering Christmas for Good Morning San Diego. Everyone involved left the residency prior to the kids returning from breakfast to respect their privacy. Tommy Sablan was secretly waiting nearby where he could hear their screams of excitement when they walked back into their residency filled with love from their community.

“The San Diego tradition of Breaking and Entering Christmas lives on Star 94.1 with Jesse and Tati in the Morning,” Tommy Sablan announced on Twitter about the longtime San Diego charity event continuing on the Jesse and Tati Show.  “God bless us everyone!”

Breaking and Entering Drive Thru Christmas 2021

Breaking and Entering with Tommy Sablan —

Tommy Sablan cares deeply about giving back to the community. The Radio Hall of Fame On-Air Producer started the Breaking and Entering Christmas tradition in 1996.


Little Tommy Sablan and the iHeartRadio family also help many other families each year. It’s important to give back to others and it’s something we also care about at Cali BBQ.

“It’s all about giving back, it’s all about helping our neighbors,” Tommy Sablan said.




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