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How High Quality Increases Quantity with Massimo Mallozzi

As the VP of IT at Paris Baguette, Massimo Mallozzi champions the brand’s unwavering commitment to quality amid rapid growth. Recognizing that intense attention to product quality is a key driver of the brand’s success. Mallozzi highlights the challenge of maintaining these standards as the franchise expands, but Paris Baguette strategically invests significant resources to ensure that each new location, despite its unique demands, upholds the brand’s pillars of quality and innovation.


“Part of what has made that brand successful is the intense attention to quality and product. And that’s not changed,” Mallozzi explains to host Shawn P. Walchef.


In pursuit of operational efficiency, Mallozzi spearheads the implementation of Restaurant365, a versatile platform that aligns with Paris Baguette’s diverse needs. Beyond providing scalability, the platform equips the franchise with tools to enhance operational efficiency—a critical element for a brand dealing with importing proprietary products and managing a complex supply chain. 


“We were really looking for a tool that checked a number of boxes,” says Mallozzi. “Restaurant365 had it, but they also made a commitment to build on it, to build a roadmap to it, to allow it to do a lot of the functionality we needed that just wasn’t out there.”


Massimo Mallozzi‘s strategic vision ensures that Paris Baguette not only preserves its high standards but also successfully navigates the challenges of growth in the competitive landscape of the food industry.

Watch the interview to learn more about maintaining attention to quality amidst growth, the vast abilities of Restaurant365, and much more. 


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Interview Takeaways

Maintaining Quality and Growth in a Franchise Organization – Quality and quantity can coexist. For Massimo Mallozzi, he understands what makes Paris Baguette success is the attention to detail, which continues to be the case as the company grows.


Commitment to Quality: Paris Baguette’s Success – Quality is what drew Massimo Mallozzi to Paris Baguette as an employee. Now in the company, he continues to aim to create quality products that replicate the genuine taste of France. 


Implementing Restaurant365 for Efficient Restaurant Operations – Massimo Mallozzi searched high and low technology solutions for Paris Baguette. Until finding Restaurant365, he couldn’t find that solution. With R365, he found both a solution and a growing partnership.

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