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Automating Lease Management with Tom Lonergan of Leasecake

Tom Lonergan is the Director of Business Development at Leasecake. During the Restaurant Transformation Festival put on by Restaurant365 in Austin, TX, he discussed how Leasecake is using technology to change the landscape of restaurant real estate. 


“We want to do is really help restaurant operators manage real estate operations so that they can focus on providing really good customer experiences in their restaurants,” Lonergan explains to host Shawn P. Walchef. 


Listen to this interview to learn more about lease management automation, using Restaurant365 for real estate accounting, and storytelling through educating the customers.


Don’t forget to use the link below to grab your tickets to the final Restaurant Transformation Tour stop in New York!

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Interview Takeaways

Efficiency and Automation in Lease Management – Tom Lonergan and Leasecake aim to make lease management easy for restaurant operators so operators can focus solely on providing excellent customer service.

Supporting Real Estate Accounting for R365 Clients – Technology has been an excellent tool for Leasecaske. Tom Lonergan says the efficiency of Restaurant365 has helped their accounting efforts, and they look to integrate the program even more as Leasecake continues to grow.

Storytelling Through Education – Tom Lonergan admittedly does not have a huge social media presence. Instead, Leasecake relies on collaboration and webinars to educate their customers and get their story to the masses.

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