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Leveraging Viral Moments with Priyam Saraswat of

Priyam Saraswat (@priyamsaraswat) has managed to stand out as a trailblazer in the ever-evolving landscape of digital content creation. As the founder of, a virtual Restaurant Marketplace Intelligence platform that increases efficiency, enhances customer experience, and boosts third party profits, he has leveraged his passion for content and unique perspective on digital hospitality to transform the way restaurant entrepreneurs navigate the challenges of the industry.


At the core of Saraswat’s approach is the belief that everything we do in our daily lives has the potential to be engaging content. His Instagram success is a testament to this philosophy, where he simplifies the creation process, emphasizing the vast reach that well-crafted content can achieve. According to Saraswat, whether it’s lifestyle, education, or casual fun, the key is reaching the right audience through the right channels.

“This whole world we live in, we are just creating content on a daily basis,” Saraswat tells host Shawn P. Walchef of Cali BBQ Media.


Born in India and now immersed in San Francisco, Saraswat has a global perspective to digital hospitality but firmly believes that the fundamentals of hospitality remain constant to give the customer the best experience. However, Voosh was created to ensure that the proper adaptation to the digital era takes place seamlessly for restaurant operators old and new. 


“How I see it,” explains Saraswat, “is that the fundamentals of hospitality will always remain the same, that you have to give the best experience to the customer.”


Understanding the challenges faced by restaurant entrepreneurs, Saraswat founded to address gaps and blind spots in their operations. The platform employs automation strategies that streamline processes, saving time and resources. Saraswat envisions as the solution that allows entrepreneurs to focus on what they do best — creating exceptional food.


“We respect the fact that most of the entrepreneurs in this place are from the hospitality background and we want them to make the best food.” says Saraswat. “We want them to just satisfy the customer the way they have been doing it traditionally and leave the rest of that stuff to us. “

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Interview Takeaways

We’re Creating Content Everyday  – Priyam Saraswat is a content creator at heart. He has had great success with his instagram posts from implementing the simplified approach of all things having the possibility of being content.

Differences in Digital Hospitality in US and India – Priyam Saraswat has roots in India, which gives him the unique perspective of digital hospitality both there and here in the United States. For Saraswat, the difference is simply in the willingness to adapt to the digital era.

Efficiency Through Automation – Restaurant entrepreneurs consistently have a full plate. Priyam Saraswat created Voosh to help operators fill those gaps and possible blind spots through automation strategies that will help the company save money and allow them to focus on creating the best food possible.

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