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Building Franchises Around Food and People with Bob Lozano

Bob Lozano, the Director of Corporate Development at F&P Brands, is a second-generation operator with a remarkable journey marked by resilience and determination. Acknowledging the challenges of the industry, he emphasizes the importance of humility, deep understanding, and hard work. Lozano’s transformative journey has positioned F&P Brands on an upward trajectory, with him expressing gratitude for the learning process that has propelled the company forward over the past twelve years.


Proud of his Hispanic heritage, Lozano sees F&P as more than a business; it’s a platform to share culture and bring people together. F&P Brands operates primarily in the Rio Grande Valley but spans across Texas and aims to create an inclusive environment that transcends social, cultural, and economic barriers. Lozano underscores the power of food to unite people.


“Just being able to share our culture with anybody that comes through our restaurant, I think is kind of what gives us a little bit of purpose.” he shares with host Shawn P. Walchef. “What food does and what food helps us do is get around a table and just have a good time, I think that’s really amazing. And so it brings people together and it kind of creates that little magic.”


In the realm of franchising, Bob Lozano adheres to the philosophy that loving what you do is key to success. Lozano sees franchising as a partnership and actively seeks franchisees who not only love the product but also have a plan for the business.  Finding franchisees who are in it for the right reasons and who share the company’s passion for the product and people is crucial to the success of the partnership.


“When it comes back to F&P food and people you got to love the product, and then you gotta realize that there’s a partnership here.” says Lozano. 

Watch this interview conducted at the Restaurant Transformation Festival by Restaurant365 in Austin, TX to learn more about bouncing back from adversity, building around food and people, and food bringing people together. 


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Interview Takeaways:

From Family Feud to Flourishing – Bob Lozano is a second generation operator of F&P Brands. Before his career got on track, however, he was fired. Fired by his own family. Since then, he has found his way and is now, along with his other family members, taking F&P to new heights.


The Power of Food in Bringing People Together – Bob Lozano is proud of his Hispanic heritage, but its food and the treatment of people that cross any social, cultural, or economic barrier to bring people together. F&P strives to create an environment that embraces all.


It’s All About the Food and the People  – “Love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life” is an often overused phrase. For Bob Lozano, it rings true in the world of franchising. He believes in, and actively seeks, potential franchisees that have a plan and love the business. With that foundation, Lozano is confident that those operators will surround the business with equally excited employees and ultimately propel the business forward.


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