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Finding Your Center – Nick Hardwick and Jayme Hardwick (DH 014)

Finding Your Own Center featuring Nick Hardwick and Jayme Hardwick

When you find your center in life, you’ve found your purpose.

The Digital Hospitality crew traveled to Renegade Fitcamp in San Diego to record a podcast from the amazing facility with part-owners Nick Hardwick and Jayme Hardwick.

Digital Hospitality podcast recording with Nick and Jayme HardwickThe Hardwicks’ ability to transform themselves over the years is inspiring. It’s not easy when you change directions, but it’s often necessary.

Our Digital Hospitality thesis is: no matter what business you’re in, you need to start building a strong digital presence.

When we first started Digital Hospitality in 2019, the married couple and business entrepreneurs were some of the first names we wrote down as potential dream guests.

Before becoming a media personality and content publisher, Nick Hardwick played 11 seasons for the Chargers in the National Football League. He retired in 2015 after a serious neck injury in week one of the season, and overall health concerns, forced the decision.

Since then the Hardwick family has had to transform themselves and their routines, just like we all have to when big life changes occur.

Digital Hospitality podcast featuring Nick Hardwick and Jayme Hardwick at Renegade Fitcamp in San Diego“For me it was a big part of shedding that former identity, which is really what happens when you’re transitioning out of something so massive as that,” Nick Hardwick said about leaving the NFL.

It’s like a caterpillar becoming a butterfly, but you have no clue what to do with your wings. It takes serious effort to learn how to fly high. These days, the Hardwicks are soaring higher than ever. The couple are business owners, content creators, and media publishers who choose to tell their own stories online and take control of the narrative.

Nick Hardwick and his wife Jayme HardwickNick Hardwick’s weight loss journey:

Nick Hardwick has always been able to transform his body. The NFL center played football at around 300 pounds, which took an insane amount of daily calories to keep on — as much as 7,000 calories a day. His mass helped him in his football career. It’s also not a sustainable lifestyle afterward as his career changed.

Every night in bed, Nick Hardwick would wolf down a pint of Ben and Jerry’s which he grabbed from a freezer he kept stocked full of ice cream.

“Chubby Hubby is really good, Chunky Monkey is super good, Cherry Garcia was kind of back-shelf. Karamel Sutra, there’s so many. It’s so good,” Nick Hardwick said on Digital Hospitality as he reminisced about his ice cream glory days.

“He knew at that point he wanted to lose weight and regain some of his health,” Jayme Hardwick said. “He was just ready to shed some of that weight and kind-of reinvent himself.”

Nick Hardwick when he played for the San Diego ChargersNick realized during that period that he had to transform his physique as he transitioned out of being a professional athlete.

“He made a commitment to himself that he was going to lose as much weight as possible,” Jayme said. “When Nick commits to something he’s all-in.

”Within four months, Nick Hardwick lost 85 pounds. As he describes on Digital Hospitality, his weight loss routine wouldn’t work for everyone, but it helped him shed weight fast. He’s since found a happy medium between body size and health.

Nick Hardwick records the Digital Hospitality podcast at Renegade FitclubNick has also worked hard on his mental health, which is something many former pro football players struggle with .

“I think he was floundering,” Jayme said. “He’d always been longing for the six-pack, so he had that, yet he had no direction.”

Through self-reflection, hard work, and focusing on what really matters in life, the Hardwicks found their key pillars in life. And at the center of it all is family. As they grew together, both Nick and Jayme learned how to compliment each other in new ways.

Finding Center podcast:

The Finding Center podcast was created with the goal of helping others discover their foundations, just like Nick Hardwick has his “Four Pillars”: Family, Fitness, Food, Football.

The podcast grew organically from the burgeoning social media presence that Jayme Hardwick helped foster for Nick and their family. Nick had already been gaining tons of experience in the media following his NFL career so it was a natural transition to become a podcast host.

Publishing online helps you connect with people in ways you have never before as your audience chooses to spend their valuable time engaging with your content and ideas regularly — at home, in the car, at the gym, everywhere.

Jayme Hardwick on the Digital Hospitality podcastJayme Hardwick recently appeared on the Finding Center podcast to get in-depth about their family life and backstory. It was a tremendous episode.

You can tell how strong the Hardwick family is by listening to the couple share their stories of growth, transformation, and love. They couldn’t have done what they’ve done without being a team.

“It’s so much fun,” Nick Hardwick said about the first time having his wife on the Finding Center podcast for episode 13 in December 2019. On that episode Jayme expertly took over hosting duties and put Nick in the interviewee hot seat.

Guests of Finding Center have included: Navy SEALs physician Dr. Kirk Parsley, New York Times bestselling author David Epstein, and former NFL offensive lineman Joe Hawley.

“We’re going to continue with season 2, but we’re going to amp it up a little bit more,” Nick Hardwick said.

Cali BBQ Media is really excited to see what Nick Hardwick and Jayme Hardwick do in 2020 and beyond. Expect a lot more from them. Nick Hardwick said his next Super Bowl is to live to 100 years old, so they’ll be many more years of growth to come for them both.

Finding Your Center episode of Digital Hospitality podcast

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