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Behind the Scenes Tour of American Factory Wheel

Behind the Scenes of American Factory Wheel in Santee, California

The story of how Josh Casillas built a specialized stock wheel company from his garage spans into two decades. In that time, there have been monumental shifts in how you must operate online to succeed.

In a business that traditionally is only B2B, American Factory Wheel has embraced platforms like Yelp and social media like TikTok. It’s working

Josh Casilla and Shawn Walchef record the Digital Hospitality podcast at American Factory Wheel in San Diego

Our #DigitalHospitality thesis is that any brand that desires to succeed in our new digital world will need to understand they must have a mobile-first content creation and publishing strategy. Digital Hospitality is now in Josh Casillas’ wheelhouse.

The business owner is seeing the benefits first-hand of having created a new mobile-first ecommerce website and stronger Internet presence for American Factory Wheel.

In our Behind the Smoke look at American Factory Wheel in San Diego, Shawn Walchef and Josh Casillas tour the AFW facility and talk about growing a business online, the Chargers, and more.

Watch or listen to our full Digital Hospitality podcast interview with Josh Casillas right here on Cali BBQ Media online.

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