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Cali BBQ Media 2019 Rewind: Are you ready to digitally evolve in 2020?

Digital Hospitality Podcast 2019 Rewind

Cali BBQ Media evolved in 2019. Are you ready to join us in 2020?

What a year it’s been in Digital Hospitality. In the last quarter of 2019, the Cali BBQ Media team continued to prove our Digital Hospitality thesis every week by producing video, audio and written content in new innovative ways for our partners in San Diego and beyond.

Check out the amazing video recap of the last few months of Cali BBQ Media to get a sense of the fantastic things that are happening. You can also click here to watch on our Cali BBQ Media YouTube channel.


Digital Hospitality Year in Review 2019

Digital Hospitality: A Cali BBQ Media Podcast
Digital Hospitality: A Cali BBQ Media Podcast

We’ve put together a look back at our year of Digital Hospitality, with links to the video episodes and audio podcasts we published in 2019. We hope you enjoyed learning from the episodes as much as we enjoyed creating them.

Each of these episodes was only possible because of our amazing guests who opened up to tell their stories about evolving themselves and their businesses for an increasingly digital world. They inspired us, just as we’re certain they inspired you.

Email the Cali BBQ Media team at to find out how we can help you digitally evolve in 2020 and beyond.

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DH 001: A Solution for Mobile Payments featuring Up n’ Go

Cashless mobile payment technology is transforming the dining out experience. Nothing is more frustrating than going to a restaurant or a bar, having an incredible meal, and waiting to pay for that meal. Up n’ Go has fixed this problem with its mobile payment solution.

Learn more on CaliBBQ.Media

Setting up the Digital Hospitality podcast at Starlite in San Diego


DH 002: Becoming a Celebrity Chef featuring Chef David Rose

What is the secret to becoming a celebrity chef and brand ambassador? Chef David Rose flew out from Atlanta all the way to Del Mar, California, for our #BetOnBBQ Turf and Surf Championship to share his secrets of how he became a food star, brand ambassador, and why he does what he does.

Learn more on CaliBBQ.Media

Chef David Rose appears on the Digital Hospitality podcast from Turf and Surf BBQ festival


DH 003: Inspiring the Next Generation of Hospitality Leaders featuring Solomon 2.0

Solomon 2.0 is inspiring the next generation of hospitality leaders to “Dream Big.” Howard and Debra Solomon are hospitality industry veterans who have used digital media to grow their Solomon 2.0 consulting business.

Learn more on CaliBBQ.Media

Recording Digital Hospitality from the home of Howard and Debra Solomon from Solomon Leaders 2.0


DH 004: How to Customize the Guest Experience featuring Chans Rock of the Carte Hotel

How do you set yourself apart as a brand in a crowded market? We visited Hilton’s new Carté Hotel in the heart of Little Italy San Diego to speak with Chans Rock, director of food and beverage. Learn how a large brand like Hilton is giving guests a customizable experience to remember.

Learn more on CaliBBQ.Media

Chans Rock and Shawn Walchef on the roof of the Carte Hotel in San Diego


DH 005: How to Leverage Live Event Marketing featuring Pechanga Arena

Around 78 percent of Millenials would rather spend their money on an event instead of buying something. On this episode we talked with Chris Biele, director of marketing and digital for AEG Entertainment Group at the Pechanga Arena in San Diego about live event marketing and building partnerships.

Learn more on CaliBBQ.Media

Interview on POV with Shawn Walchef of Cali BBQ Media


DH 006: No Fear of Failure: Scott Kaplan’s Journey from Old to New Media

Is the radio business dead? Scott Kaplan argues that audio storytelling is not dead, but very much alive and thriving thanks to technology and digital distribution. He talks in-depth with Shawn Walchef about a fascinating broadcasting career, his tech startup, digital broadcasting, online marketing, and much more in the uncensored conversation between great friends.

Learn more on CaliBBQ.Media

Digital Hospitality podcast interview with Scott Kaplan in his home podcast studio


DH 007: Wonderfront Festival is a labor of love for “Mr. San Diego” Ernie Hahn

The Wonderfront Festival was created for San Diego by San Diego. On this episode, Shawn sat down with “Mr. San Diego” Ernie Hahn to talk about the inception of the Wonderfront Music and Arts Festival, how to plan and pull off such a big event, while building rewarding relationships along the way.

Learn more on CaliBBQ.Media

Shawn Walchef talks with Ernie Hahn for the Digital Hospitality podcast


DH 008: Building a Yearly Community Event featuring Spring Valley BBQ Festival

The Spring Valley Tailgate and BBQ Festival started as an idea — a way to give back to the community. After 10 years it grew into something much bigger. This special episode was recorded live on the main stage of the 10th annual Spring Valley Tailgate and BBQ Fest with event organizers Shawn Walchef and Derek Marso.

Learn more on CaliBBQ.Media

Cali BBQ Media records Digital Hospitality from the Spring Valley BBQ Festival 2019


DH 009: Making an Unstoppable podcast featuring Eric Cacciatore of Restaurant Unstoppable

For more than 670 episodes, Restaurant Unstoppable podcast host Eric Cacciatore has interviewed many in the hospitality industry to explore what they’ve learned in their journey. Hear his story and get tips and inspiration about how to start your own podcast on this episode.

Learn more on CaliBBQ.Media

Cali BBQ Media films behind the scenes footage of the Restaurant Unstoppable episode of Digital Hospitality


DH 010: Building an Authentic Brand with Purpose featuring Uncle Ed’s Damn Good Vodka

Uncle Ed’s Damn Good Vodka was a brand built with purpose and passion. On this episode brothers Ed and Walt tell the story of their purpose-driven vodka company live from the Wonderfront Festival in San Diego, where they were a major sponsor. Wonderfront Festival co-founder (and previous guest of Digital Hospitality) Ernie Hahn makes a special appearance.

Learn more on CaliBBQ.Media

Uncle Ed mics up while Walt eats Cali BBQ before their podcast recording


DH 011: Knowing When to Pivot Your Business featuring Miller & Sons BBQ Sauce Brewing Co.

It’s hard to know when to pivot your business. On this episode we talked with Steve Miller, a listener of this show, about transforming his family’s successful baking operation at the Rock Creek Lakes Resort into a BBQ business.

Learn more on CaliBBQ.Media

Interviewing Steve Miller on the Digital Hospitality podcast


DH 012: Transforming Your Online Presence featuring American Factory Wheel

Josh Casillas took an idea almost 20 years ago in his garage and turned it into reality. In this episode we went “Behind the Smoke” of the American Factory Wheel location in Santee, California, to talk about making a new e-commerce website, adapting a business for the mobile phone era, sobriety and self-improvement, and providing Digital Hospitality in all ways.

Learn more on CaliBBQ.Media

Behind the scenes of American Factory Wheel on the Digital Hospitality podcast


DH 013: The Power of Asking for Help featuring Little Tommy Sablan

Early on, Tommy Sablan learned the power of asking for help. The KUSI and iHeartRadio producer has a long history in media, and the accolades to show for it. Find out how he’s devoted himself to giving back to others however he can.

Learn more on CaliBBQ.Media

Shawn Walchef talks to Tommy Sablan


DH 014: Finding Your Center – Nick Hardwick and Jayme Hardwick

When you find your center in life, you’ve found your purpose. The Digital Hospitality crew traveled to Renegade Fitcamp in San Diego to record a podcast from the amazing facility with part-owners Nick Hardwick and Jayme Hardwick.

Learn more on CaliBBQ.Media

Digital Hospitality podcast featuring Nick Hardwick and Jayme Hardwick at Renegade Fitcamp in San Diego


If 2019 was this rewarding, just imagine how great 2020 will be!

If your brand is ready to take the next step in implementing a new media content creation strategy for 2020, reach out anytime.

Email to get in touch and make sure to check out the Digital Hospitality podcast archives at and our Behind the Smoke blog at

Special praise always to our Cali BBQ Media team and family members: Aaron Roberts and Blue Vision Entertainment, Kyle Pflueger of Mithril Media, producer Stover Harger III, George Ricoy of Ricoy Creative, and all the others who supported our crazy dreams.

The Cali BBQ Media crew on location in San Diego

And many thanks go to YOU for supporting Cali BBQ Media and our Digital Hospitality podcast.

Our goal is to help business owners develop a fresh online strategy by sharing stories of innovative brands and personalities who are outranking the competition in search results.

Let us know how we can help you today.

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