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Dare to Dream Bigger | Inside Barnes Tennis Center – Part 2 | DH057

Podcast Cover Image - DH056 Barnes Tennis Part 2

Where is the youth of San Diego blossoming on the daily? The Barnes Tennis Center.

Led by General Manager Ryan Redondo, the Digital Hospitality team got an inside look at Southern California’s garden for the next generation of student athletes.Barnes Tennis Center Tour Walking

At the Barnes Tennis Center, the youth of today are encouraged and inspired to nurture life skills such as integrity, leadership, and a strong spirit.

The Barnes Tennis Center is helping to grow the adults of tomorrow into responsible citizens. As the Youth Tennis San Diego CEO said in Part 1 of our Digital Hospitality visit, “Blossom where you’re planted.”

Podcast Cover Image - DH056 Barnes Tennis Part 1

Starting them young, the Booth Education Center is the entry level learning space for toddlers taking up tennis.

“The Booth Education Center provides our home for three to five-year old Junior Aces,” shares Ryan. “They’ve got an outdoor playground, they do all of their classes outside because of COVID and they do an hour of tennis every day.”

Barnes Tennis Center Courts Drone Shot 2

Moving around the facilities, you’ll find a library stocked with classics like Inner Tennis and even the teachings of John Wooden.

Inner Tennis Playing the Game Book at Barnes Tennis CenterYou’ll also find the only public clay courts in San Diego stacked up with local learners, Southern California’s top talent and the city’s best teachers.

DH056 Barnes Tennis Center Layout Map“We’ve got about 12 to 14 coaches at one time,” says Ryan. “We’re looking to hire more. Every single program we have is full and has a waiting list. We need all of the best players here to motivate every level.”

Motivation and mentorship are literally around every corner.

Barnes Tennis Center Courts Drone Shot 3 Matches

And so are pickleball courts.

However, there’s one special tennis court that Ryan has big dreams for.

“My ultimate goal is that this court should be the World Team Tennis Stadium Court,” shares Ryan.

Barnes Tennis Center Tour 2“Let’s fill this place up with kids and give them all free tickets. We’d probably have thousands in attendance, it’s the perfect spot and it’s one of my dreams.”

The dreams don’t just stop there.

Barnes Tennis Center Tour Outside

Ryan is looking to turn the Barnes Tennis Center Banquet Room into a fitness center with therapy options for members. The gym would introduce locals to the game of tennis while the holistic help would keep the top talent in San Diego.

Across the campus, the Barnes Tennis Center has plenty of fertile soil to plant potential and allow all of San Diego to grow.

Barnes Tennis Center Tour Alumni Photos

Learn more about about Ryan Redondo and his vision for Youth Tennis San Diego and the Barnes Tennis Center at


Youth Tennis San Diego

Youth Tennis San Diego is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a mission to “promote the educational, physical, and social development of all youth through organized tennis and educational activities.” Their programs encourage youth participation, personal integrity, leadership, and competitive spirit in a friendly environment that builds responsible citizens.

DH056 Barnes Tennis Center Website Quote

Youth Tennis San Diego owns and operates the George E. Barnes Family Junior Tennis Center.

The annual Youth Tennis San Diego Win the Match Gala had to be held virtually in 2020 because of the pandemic. It’s one of many ways the nonprofit is adapting to a digital reality. #winthematch2020

Learn more about the Win the Match 2020 Virtual Gala and Bid on the Auction Items at


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