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Promoting Tennis Online to Help Others Grow | Youth Tennis San Diego

DH056 Barnes Tennis Center Courtside Ryan Redondo Talking

Ryan Redondo isn’t just a tennis coach. The Youth Tennis San Diego CEO wants to use the sport he loves as a way to help others grow.

“I love tennis. I’m a coach, but there was something inside of me that wanted to use tennis as a platform to help and build a community.”

Barnes Tennis Center Tour Alumni Photos

He is doing just that at the Barnes Tennis Center. Serving as the general manager, Ryan Redondo and his team aren’t just teaching tennis, they’re changing lives.

Barnes Tennis Center Courts Drone Shot 3 Matches

“We provide tennis, education, and all the physical, mental, and holistic things that kids need but don’t get it,” smiles Ryan Redondo when he was a guest on our Digital Hospitality podcast. “We provide that to kids in the city and hopefully some of them come back to the Barnes Tennis Center.”

Barnes Tennis Center Courts Drone Shot

Uniting with other leaders in San Diego, Ryan is connecting across the community — Online and Offline.

For Ryan, this particularly means building bridges across communities to help the youth of San Diego.

Barnes Tennis Center Tour Awards

“How many bridges can we build for tennis?” asks Ryan Redondo. “If it’s barbecue, if it’s physical therapy, if it’s anything that builds that network, we can all fit in and help each other.”

As noted, the connections are bigger than just tennis but are exemplified by tennis, too. Ryan’s work at the Barnes Tennis Center sees events that host everyone from rising talent covered on ESPN to three-year-old kids picking up a racket for the first time.

DH056 Barnes Tennis Center Website Quote

Ryan knows the importance of exposure, and also the pressure of expectations, as he grew up in a family of tennis greats. Understanding the highs of success and lows of burnout, he’s able to share his lessons to all levels.

Inner Tennis Playing the Game Book at Barnes Tennis Center

The best lesson? A quote from his college coach at San Diego State, John Nelson.

Blossom where you’re planted,” recites Ryan. “I took that every step of the way and it changed my career. I feel like I’m here today because of that.”

Being present, and blossoming each place he was at, has made Ryan a man that continues to grow and also helps others grow.

Ryan Redondo at Barnes Tennis Center

For Ryan and the Barnes Tennis Center, much of that growth comes from teaching the youth about mental health.

“When you are just yourself and you can accept that you’re scared or nervous? That’s the real blossoming of an individual,” shares Ryan. “That’s where I think tennis provides a great platform.”

DH056 Barnes Tennis Center Ryan Redondo Talking

Ryan is using tennis as a platform to teach players to strive together to be their best. He’s changing the attitude from win at all costs to play your best so that both are better. Ryan believes these techniques will change the youth and even change the world and business in the future.

While Ryan is moving mountains in rewiring the youth for a better tomorrow through advancements in mental health, there’s still plenty of fun like putting in pickleball courts and keeping things light.

There are also new advancements on the digital side.

“I’d really like to livestream these courts,” shares Ryan. “I want people from everywhere to be able to see these kids play and connect. The more we can connect people is one big aspect I’m prioritizing right now.”

Connection is what it’s all about for Ryan and the future of the Barnes Tennis Center. Building new digital avenues also means bringing in new funding digitally.

Podcast Cover Image - DH056 Barnes Tennis Part 2

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Ryan and his team are pivoting through online fundraising.

“The 31st Annual Match Point Gala is going virtual,” Ryan informs us. “All of the proceeds go back to after school tennis.”

Even as the world comes to a standstill, Ryan is continuing to blossom where he’s at.

Barnes Tennis Center Courts Drone Shot 2

More than a coach, bigger than just tennis, Ryan will continue to help San Diego grow its community and sprout a brighter youth.

Perhaps the Barnes Tennis Center isn’t just a tennis center — maybe it’s actually a garden.

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Youth Tennis San Diego

Youth Tennis San Diego is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization whose purpose is to promote the educational, physical, and social development of all youth through organized tennis and educational activities. Their community programs encourage youth participation, personal integrity, leadership, and competitive spirit in a friendly environment that builds responsible citizens.

Youth Tennis San Diego owns and operates the Barnes Tennis Center, which is located at 4490 West Point Loma Blvd. in San Diego, California.



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Youth Tennis San Diego (YTSD) pledges a commitment to providing opportunities to learn about tennis and the life lessons it imparts, in addition to academic instruction for students of all social and economic backgrounds. They rely on gifts from donors. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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