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Creating an Inclusive Pizza Experience with Ernie Carrillo of Joe & Ernie’s Pizzeria

In This Episode

Interview Takeaways

  1. Making a Slice for Everyone – Joe & Ernie’s Pizzeria prides themselves on quality. From ingredients to service, Ernie Carrillo and crew have items that will cater to a range of dietary needs and preferences.
  2. Emphasizing Consistent Hospitality – Ernie Carrillo builds his business on doing things the same way all the time. He trains his employees to ensure every patron receives top tier hospitality, every time.
  3. Learning to Handle Volume – Halloween is one of the busiest days of the year for Joe & Ernie’s Pizzeria. However, Carrillo has set up a system that has allowed the business to run smoothly while also learning lessons to improve the following year.

An Inclusive Dining Experience

Ernie Carrillo, the founder of Joe & Ernie’s Pizzeria, is crafting an inclusive dining experience that caters to everyone’s tastes and dietary needs. From vegan options to gluten-free delights, Carrillo’s commitment to quality and diversity sets his pizzeria apart in Southern California’s vibrant culinary scene.

“I think pizza is that type of thing where everyone should enjoy it.” expressed Carrillo to host Shawn Walchef. “Our business model is, we try to cater to everyone.” 

A Slice for Everyone

At Joe & Ernie’s Pizzeria, Carrillo’s mission is clear: to ensure every customer finds a slice they love.

Catering to dietary needs is a part of Carrillo’s practice of consistent, premium hospitality. He believes that exceptional customer service is the cornerstone of Joe & Ernie’s success. 

For Carrillo, “We all have jobs because of the customer.” said Carrillo. “I really stress customer service. Every time someone comes in, they should be greeted, and you should be giving them their best attitudes.”

The Importance of Customer Service

With such a high level of customer service, high volume days are inevitable. Carrillo’s strategic approach to managing these times involve meticulous preparation and setting clear expectations for customers. Being over-prepared, from extra cheese to pre-folded boxes, to meet the demands of peak periods are just a few things done to increase the opportunities for success. 

“You learn to be prepared.” reflected Carrillo on lessons learned. “Every year, we get busier. But you learn.” 

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