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Empowering Restaurants Through AI Integration with Matt Wampler of ClearCOGS

In This Episode

Interview Takeaways

  1. ClearCOGS Mission: Providing a Playbook for Success – The idea of ClearCOGS was born from Matt Wampler’s pain point. As he progressed through his restaurant career, he realized there were things he simply didn’t know and there was not a resource to obtain the answers he needed. That struggle created the foundation for ClearCOGS mission.
  2. A Life Changing  “Aha” Moment on Social Media – Matt Wampler, like most of us, hates sales calls. Luckily, he was able to find a new avenue for acquisition by sharing ClearCOGS services and offering to meet with anyone interested. To his surprise, he began book appointments almost immediately.
  3. New Toast Integration – Big Announcement for Matt Wampler and ClearCOGS!! The company will now offer an integration with Toast POS. The integration will provide customers with the opportunity to receive helpful reports and information with the simple click of a button!

Matt Wampler’s journey to becoming the co-founder and CEO of ClearCOGS stemmed from a personal pain point in his restaurant career. Recognizing the lack of resources for obtaining essential answers, he envisioned ClearCOGS as a solution to translate overlooked data into actionable insights. 

And now ClearCOGS has a huge announcement!

Wampler’s mission is clear: empower restaurant operators by providing them with a playbook for success. By leveraging modern technology and data science, ClearCOGS aims to simplify the complexities of managing metrics and spreadsheets, allowing operators to focus more on serving guests and empowering their teams. 

“How do we provide that playbook, that daily cheat sheet, with the numbers that you need so that if you follow it, you’ve got a profitable, smoothly running business?” expresses Wampler to host Shawn Walchef of Cali BBQ Media.

Wampler’s disdain for traditional sales calls led to a pivotal “aha” moment for ClearCOGS on social media. By openly sharing their services and inviting interested parties to connect, Wampler discovered a more organic and effective approach to acquisition. The power of social media, as Wampler highlights, lies in the ability to communicate the value proposition without the need for intrusive sales calls. 

“We just put it out there in the world what we were doing,” reflects Wampler. “It was that aha moment. Like, you mean to tell me that instead of these horrible sales calls, I can just say, this is what we’re doing, and if it’s for you, we’d love to talk?”

ClearCOGS + Toast Integration

 In a significant announcement, Wampler and ClearCOGS have created a simple integration with Toast POS, a move aimed at “democratizing” AI for the restaurant industry. 

“Just click enable, and you’re going to start receiving some incredibly helpful reports daily, weekly to help you run a smoother, more profitable operation.” says Wampler of the integration. 

Wampler emphasizes the company’s commitment to making this AI solution accessible to all, offering a freemium version of the product, as well. 

“We want to get as many successful restaurants on Toast using this, understanding it, and we’ll lead them to the future, where eventually, you’re getting all your decision management done with a company like Clearcogs.”

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