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Video Content Made Easy with Nick Capozzi of SpliceVideo

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Interview Takeaways

  1. Be the 1% of the 1% – LinkedIn says that only 1% of their active users are posting content. According to Nick Capozzi, it is even less than that. He surmises that one out of 10,000 users are posting content on a regular basis which creates a wide open lane for businesses and influencers to take advantage of.
  2. The Power of Branding in B2C Marketing – What are you Paying for? – Splice Video implements a B2C, or Business to Consumer strategy. With that, Nick Capozzi says that they are able to connect brands to their stories, and allow those stories to in turn be the show for the brand.
  3. LinkedIn is a Green Field – It’s no secret that Nick Capozzi believes that LinkedIn is an untapped marketing strategy. He believes that people and businesses overthink their approach, and it leaves a wonderful asset unused despite it possibly being the future of business and customer acquisition.

Get to know Nick Capozzi of SpliceVideo

Nick Capozzi, co-founder of SpliceVideo, is a visionary in the realm of digital content creation and marketing. In a recent discussion with Shawn Walchef of Cali BBQ Media, Capozzi shed light on the underutilization of platforms like LinkedIn, emphasizing the vast untapped potential for businesses and influencers. According to Capozzi, a mere 1% of users actively post content on LinkedIn, and he believes the actual number for video content is even lower, standing at approximately 1 in 10,000 users. He encourages businesses and individuals to seize this opportunity, emphasizing the power of consistent content creation to position oneself as a thought leader within their niche.

Debunking “Oversaturation” in Online Video

“One in 10,000 people are posting video online, and you think it’s saturated because you see a couple of people in your space. If you follow barbecue people, you’re going to find people posting videos about barbecue. But the reality is, when you pull out of that and you’re at a 30,000 foot view, people aren’t really talking that much about it.” says Capozzi.

SpliceVideo’s implements a unique B2C, or Business to Consumer, marketing strategy which underscores the significance of storytelling and branding. Capozzi notes that the connection between brands and their stories forms the crux of their approach. Aligning with Cali BBQ Media’s mantra “Be the Show Not the Commercial”, Capozzi argues that the value proposition for consumers goes beyond the product itself, extending to the brand’s narrative and recognition. This strategy not only highlights the unique stories of various brands but also emphasizes the diversity of narratives across industries, from barbecue restaurants to lawn care companies, and urges businesses to break free from the echo chamber of their own industry and recognize the vast opportunities for storytelling and engagement.

“We love doing B to C.” Capozzi explains. “The reality is that there might be one or two or five lawn care companies in all of America that are putting that effort into social and they’re killing it because of that. But there’s room for 995 more to also kill it. That’s the opportunity.”

LinkedIn is a Potential Gold Mine

Capozzi’s perspective on the marketing landscape extends to his belief that LinkedIn is a green field, particularly for B2B brands. Despite common perceptions of social media saturation, Capozzi contends that LinkedIn remains largely untapped, especially due to the conservative nature of B2B brands. He encourages leveraging video content on LinkedIn and capitalizing off its potential to shape and amplify brand stories. In his role at SpliceVideo, Capozzi sees video as a powerful tool for go-to-market strategies, helping businesses tell their stories effectively and stand out in the competitive business world. 

“People think that all this social media is saturated. It is not. And it is still a green field, especially on LinkedIn.” says Capozzi. “You can take over the world right now with video on LinkedIn, you can build anything you want as long as you have a video strategy.”

Nick Capozzi’s insights and expertise position him as a leading voice in the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing and content creation.

Watch and Listen to this Digital Hospitality episode to learn more about being the 1% of the 1%, the power of B2C marketing, and how to leverage LinkedIn for business in 2024.

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