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The Simple Sales Taxes Solution with David Joseph

David Joseph, Co-Founder of DAVO by Avalara (@davosalestax), provides a solution to a problem that plagues all business owners, particularly those in the restaurant industry. 


Sales Taxes.


Though it can be a point of contention and stressful for owners, it is a necessary part of remaining in business. Joseph sat down with show host and Cali BBQ Media owner Shawn Walchef (@shawnpwalchef) and Closed Monday podcast, and Digital Hospitality alum, Kyle Inserra (@kyleinserra) to discuss how DAVO makes paying taxes easier and their budding partner relationships.


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Interview Takeaways

Sales Taxes are Crappy But Necessary – David Joseph has a full understanding of the thorn that sales tax can be in the side of any business. To Joseph, they are a necessity so they don’t have to be so crappy. DAVO sales tax system was created to alleviate that struggle.


Making Sales Tax Easier is Worth It! – Taxes can be stressful for restaurant owners. David Joseph and DAVO have created a way to simplify that process, which according to all involved is worth its weight in gold…if not more.

The Davo Integration Process – The best thing about DAVO, outside of how simple it makes your life as a restaurant owner, is how simple it is to implement. It integrates with a number of POS systems, including Toast. In fact, you are likely to get David Joseph, himself, on a demo call when you sign up for one.

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