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Insights from the Bar & Restaurant Expo: Maximizing Your Restaurant’s Potential

Cali BBQ Media founder Shawn Walchef attended the Bar & Restaurant Expo in Las Vegas to experience an invaluable day of learning and networking and he is taking you behind the scenes with partners, like Toast, Davo, and more Discover the secrets shared by industry experts and seasoned professionals like Chip Klose and Matt Joiner, […]

The Simple Sales Taxes Solution with David Joseph

David Joseph, Co-Founder of DAVO by Avalara (@davosalestax), provides a solution to a problem that plagues all business owners, particularly those in the restaurant industry.  Sales Taxes. Though it can be a point of contention and stressful for owners, it is a necessary part of remaining in business. Joseph sat down with show host and […]

The Beauty of Automation with David Joseph

David Joseph is the co-founder of DAVO by Avalara. What began as just an idea, has flourished into a near necessity of any business’ tech stack by filling the essential gap of handling business taxes. “In your business book, there are plenty of things to stress about,” says Joseph to Digital Hospitality host Shawn Walchef […]