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How Technology Evens the Playing Field with Kevin O’Bold and Morgan Harris

Restaurant365 is an innovative company that provides a litany of technology solutions. At one of the Restaurant Transfomation Tour 2023 stops, Restaurant365 co-founder, Morgan Harris, sat with host Shawn Walchef (@shawnpwalchef) and Ultra Steak VP of Finance Kevin O’Bold to discuss the advantages of technology implementation and enhancing digital hospitality, and the wonderful opportunities restaurants events provide. 


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Episode Links:


Interview Takeaways

Technology Brings the Focus Back on the Guests – Ultra Steak and Restaurant365 have been in partnership since 2019. As Ultra Steak grows, Kevin O’Bold sees the increasing benefit of implementing technology as a way to keep guests at the forefront and not weigh the restaurant leadership down with operation duties.

Creating a Positive Digital Experience in the Hospitality Space – Kevin O’Bold understands the world is evolving. As the world becomes increasingly digital, restaurant’s competition broadens, which means they must keep up with the digital hospitality provided by companies outside of the restaurant industry.

Choosing Innovative Technology Partners – Kevin O’Bold and Ultra Steak found an excellent partner in Restaurant365. The forward thinking brand thinks outside the box with events like The Restaurant Transformation Tour that provides collaboration opportunities for restaurant leaders to broaden their scope.

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