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Increasing Revenue Through Digital Hospitality with Austen Asadorian of SEVENROOMS

Austen Asadorian (@aasodorian) is not just the Senior Vice President of Sales at SEVENROOMS (@sevenrooms), he is a true believer in the brand. Joining the company after several years in the food industry, Asadorian has first hand experience of what a positive customer experience can do for a company. 


During this year’s National Restaurant Association Show, Asadorian sat with Digital Hospitality host Shawn Walchef (@shawnpwalchef) of to talk about SEVERNROOMS global reach, consistent digital hospitality, and the secret to selling.


Listen and watch this week’s Digital Hospitality episode and be sure to register for NRA Show 2024 at

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Interview Takeaways

SEVENROOMS Allows for Consistent Digital Hospitality: Austen Asadorian has had a lengthy career in hospitality. Prior to his career at SEVENROOMS, he noticed that positive customer experiences often changed when management or staff changed. SEVENROOMS has set out to ensure the culture remains with the restaurant regardless of its employees.


Partnerships Outside of Restaurants: SEVEROOMS’ partnerships extend beyond restaurants and into other areas of the hospitality sector, namely hotels. One of its major partnerships has been with Marriott, which helped transform the brand into a global entity.


The Secret to Selling is Understanding: For Austen Asadorian, understanding customer needs and goals is the key to effective sales. The knowledge gained from understanding can be used to effectively determine what best serves the customers needs.

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