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The Importance of Integration with Mike Lubitz & Julia Gokcekian

Wolfgang Puck (@wolfgangpuck) is a well known chef and restaurant owner. Not many people know about the business behind the scenes. Mike Lubitz, CFO at Wolfgang Puck Fine Dining and Worldwide, and Julia Gokcekian, Controller at Wolfgang Puck, are two important parts of the braintrust behind the finances involved in operating the restaurant titan.


In an interview with host Shawn P. Walchef of Cali BBQ Media at the First Annual R365 Restaurant Transformation Festival in Austin, TX, Lubitz and Gokcekian talks candidly about their switch to the suite of services from Restaurant365 and their plans to expand the partnership in the future. 

Watch the interview to learn more about collaboration at networking events, R365 Integration, and the difference between a cook and a chef according to Wolfgang Puck.


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Interview Takeaways

Collaboration over Competition – Events, such as the Restaurant Transformation Festival put on by R365, is a great networking opportunity. For Mike Lubitz it is also a great reminder that the restaurant industry is refreshing built on collaboration and not necessarily competition.

Diving into Restaurant365 – Julia Gokcekian and her accounting team used a previous program prior to implementing R365’s capabilities. Since then, the company has grown and the services offered by R365 has increased, and Gokcekian is excited to find new ways to deepen the partnership.

The Difference Between a Cook and a Chef – Wolfgang Puck is a mastermind. As a lesson to up and coming chefs, he wanted to provide an opportunity for them to step out of simply being a cook, and step into all that encompasses being a chef.

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