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US Foods is our Primary Food Partner

Cali BBQ partners with US Foods

Learn about our EPIC relationship at Cali BBQ with US Foods in this YouTube video announcing the renewal of our partnership.

A partnership with your primary food vendor is like a marriage and we have BIG NEWS at Cali BBQ. We are renewing our vows US Foods for 3 MORE YEARS.

Our San Diego restaurant company and the helpful food service distribution company forged an unbreakable bond that has spanned over a decade.

Learn more about US Foods:

In 2012, Cali BBQ discovered US Foods, and the rest is hospitality history. They’ve recently renewed their vows with a three-year deal, solidifying their status as partners. Gabe Elizalde from US Foods emphasizing that they aren’t just a vendor, but a partner who’s there to support and elevate restaurant businesses. 

With US Foods, you don’t need to be a professional shopper – they’ll do the legwork for you, allowing you to focus on what truly matters: your restaurant’s success.

This partnership has not only streamlined Cali BBQ’s operations but also enabled them to be a part of immersive culinary events nationwide.

Plus, US Foods’ dedicated team, led by individuals like Gabe, can help you enhance your business and unlock fantastic deals, just like Cali BBQ did.

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