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Expanding by Outsourcing with Wayne Lipschitz of R&R FMG

Wayne Lipschitz is the CEO of Restaurant & Retail Financial Management Group (@rrfmg), or R&R FMG, where their goal is to grow your business. Whether your business needs help with daily financials, or a temporary Chief of Finance, R&R FMG is there for you. 


In this conversation with host Shawn Walchef of Cali BBQ Media at Restaurant 365’s First Ever Restaurant Transformation Festival in Austin, TX, Lipschitz discussed a plethora of topics, including all that R&R FMG has to offer and the importance of attending industry events. 


Watch the interview and don’t forget to use the link below to grab your tickets to the upcoming Restaurant Transformation Tour coming to a city near you!

Episode Links

Restaurant & Retail Financial Management Group Online:
R&R FMG Instagram:
Wayne Lipschitz Linkedin:
Restaurant365 Restaurant Transformation Tour Tickets:


Interview Takeaways

Doing it All – Simply put, R&R FMG is as close to a catch all financial management company as you could get. They will do everything from serve as temporary CFO of a company to outsourcing work for them. Basically, Wayne Lipschitz and company are in the business of growing businesses.

Instilling Confidence into Small Business – Wayne Lipschitz and R&R FMG take on the responsibility of growing businesses by handling a large portion of the back office work. At times, small businesses struggle to take a hands off approach, but Lipschitz makes a point in showcasing how doing so is helpful

The Importance of the R365 Restaurant Transformation Festival – With all that his company does, it is important for Wayne Lipschitz to get involved in events like the ones Restaurant 365 puts on. For him, the camaraderie and ability to build and deepen relationships is reason enough to attend.

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