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Organic Growth in Business with Caroline Scannell of Paperchase Accountancy

Caroline Scannell (@scannellous) is the Director of Brand Development at Paperchase Accountacy. One of her responsibilities at the brand is to keep Paperchase’s name as pristine as it has been in this new digital age. 

According to Scannell, Paperchase’s most significant marketing has been accomplished through tried and true word of mouth. 


“Our product speaks for itself. And branding comes after in order to promote that.” says Scannell. 


Watch the interview with host Shawn P. Walchef at the first ever Restaurant Transformation Tour Festival held in Austin, TX this year, and be sure to use the link below to grab your tickets for the upcoming shows in Chicago and New York.


In case you missed it, we previously interviewed Paperchase CEO Nish Patel. Check in out in the links below to get a full understanding of the company’s capabilities.

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Interview Takeaways

Organic Growth – Paperchase Accountacy has a reputation that precedes them. According to Caroline Scannell, the company recently employed a sales team, but the classic word of mouth remains their strongest marketing technique.

Content Via Celebration – For Caroline Scannell and Paperchase, engaging with restaurant owners is a true partnership. With social media being such an important vehicle for content, Scannell and company creates engagement by highlighting their partners’ wins on a detailed level so that all involved receive their proper due.

The Importance of the Restaurant Transformation Tour – Collaborating and networking with like minded individuals is a large part of any successful person or business. Restaurant365’s Restaurant Transformation Tour provides Caroline Scannell a chance to learn, grow, and add to Paperchase’s toolbox.

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