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Generation Z Philanthropy with GiftAMeal Founder Andrew Glantz

GiftAMeal (@giftameal) founder Andrew Glantz set forth to bridge the gap between Gen Zers and millennials that wished to give back, and restaurants, who Glantz views as community pillars. Taking cues from companies like, Tom’s Shoes and Warby Parker, GiftAMeal adopted the “buy one get one free” model by allowing customers to scan a QR code or snap a picture of themselves or their food at participating restaurants. Doing so allows a meal to be donated from a local food bank to a person in need in that community.


Watch the video below to learn more about how GiftAMeal came about, Glantz’s resiliency, and extending GiftAMeal beyond the walls of the restaurants.

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Interview Takeaways

Creating GiftAMeal – Andrew Glantz saw a hole in the restaurant industry that he went forth into filling with GiftAMeal. As a proud “Gen Z’er”, Glantz merged technology and philanthropy to activate GiftAMeal from idea to executed business.

Resilience Born Out of Rejection – GiftAMeal received a $50,000 grant from Amazon, but it took five rejections and an unforeseen opportunity for that to happen. Coming out of that experience, Andrew Glantz built a determination to persevere through any disappointment that may present itself.

Beyond the Four Walls of GiftAMeal – Andrew Glantz believes that restaurants are, by nature, community fixtures. With GiftAMeal, he and his colleagues are aiming to partner with genuine community engagement to create relevant social impact.

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