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Creating Relationships that Stick with Nish Patel of Paperchase Accountancy

If humility is a prerequisite for hospitality, Nish Patel (@nishpcny), CEO of Paperchase Accountancy, has it in spades. In a sit down with host Shawn Walchef of during the 2023 Restaurant Transformation Tour put on by Restaurant365, Patel referred to his business as “small” despite having accounts internationally. 


Paperchase began when Patel and his brothers pulled their expertise from running the family restaurant and accounting knowledge to form a business aimed to ease the stress of accounting within the hospitality space. Although modest in speaking about Paperchase, Patel fully understands its importance.

“Without understanding of finance and numbers of the business, you will never be able to create a successful business. So you have to know what is happening in the day to day life of the restaurant,” he says.

Listen and watch Nish Patel’s interview on the Digital Hospitality podcast as he discusses the power of referrals, Restaurant365’s positive affect on their business, and the importance of knowing your financial data.


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Interview Takeaways

Creating “Sticky” Relationships – Nish Patel still considers Paper Chase a small business. However, they have been able to create long lasting relationships with business and companies through high level service and hospitality that has allowed the business to expand internationally. 


Paper Chase and Restaurant365  – After a meeting with Resturant365 co-Owner Morgan Harris, Nish Patel gained a better understanding of the company’s capability and began using their services in multi-unit locations. Patel applauds the investment saying “that’s what makes life so easy”. 

“Without an Understanding of Finance, You Will Never Build a Successful Business” –  Nish Patel knows a thing or two about owning a business and about finance. He firmly believes that without looking at the data, sometimes daily, it will be impossible to have the information to build a business.

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