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Bruce Nelson of NOVA Restaurant Group on The Magic of Restaurant Ownership

Interview with CFO of NOVA Restaurant Group Bruce Nelson about the inspiration behind his book, the reality of owning a successful restaurant, and implementing Restaurant365 technology as a solution.

After years in the industry, Bruce Nelson, CFO of NOVA Restaurant Group decided it was time for him to jump into the business as an owner. Once in it, he quickly learned that the idea of hard work being the only requirement for success was a myth. He soon realized the magic that creates a successful restaurant, and wanted to share the lessons he learned from missteps and mistakes with others. He did so in his first book Restaurant Management: The Myth. The Magic. The Math.


Watch Nelson’s interview with host Shawn P. Walchef of Cali BBQ Media at the first Restaurant Transformation Festival put on by Restaurant 365 in Austin, TX. Don’t miss the opportunity to grab your tickets for the last two stops of the Restaurant Transformation Tour in the links below.

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Interview Takeaways

Compelled to Share – After working in the restaurant industry for years, Bruce Nelson decided it was time to open his own restaurant. He made plenty of mistakes prior to figuring it out. Overcoming those mistakes was the inspiration behind his book Restaurant Management: The Myth. The Magic. The Math.


The Myth vs. The Magic – Many restaurant owners get into the industry for similar reasons. They love food and love serving good food. They often believe if they work hard enough, their dream of a successful restaurant will come true. However, Bruce Nelson has been around long enough to know where the real magic happens.


Restaurant365 as a Solution – Bruce Nelson and his team was spending an enormous amount of time mining data and taking a while to make decisions. Since 2017, they have implemented all three pillars of R365’s suite of services, and Nelson attends R365 events to learn more.

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