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Addressing Pain Points in Hospitality with Nicole Menden & Kristin Metzger

Nicole Menden, CEO of WVC RubixCloud, and Kristin Metzger, practice growth leader of the restaurant industry for William Vaughn Company, have partnered with the likes of Restaurant365 to ease some of the stress that comes along with operating in the hospitality space. Both companies provide a litany of accounting services and aim to help restaurants become more effective and efficient.


Watch Metzger and Menden’s interview with Shawn Walchef of Cali BBQ Media at the Restaurant Transformation Festival put on by Restaurant365 to learn more about taking over company’s accounting, the power of automation, and leveraging learning opportunities.

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Interview Takeaways

“I Don’t Want to Do Accounting Anymore” – After providing a variety of education seminars during the pandemic, Kristin Metzger quickly realized that many in the industry just didn’t want to do their own accounting, and looked to her and Restaurant365 for guidance.

Transformation Through Automation – If she had to name a biggest influence technology has had on business, Kristin Metzger would easily count automation as the game changer.

Learning From Every Person – Events like the Restaurant Transformation Tour provide opportunities for partners like Nicole Menden and Kristin Metzger to learn the needs of potential clients and better ways to service them.

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