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Strategic Partnership & Effective Integration with Steve Song, Sean Brennan, and Paul Bedeski

When it comes to integration, Steve Song, Chief Financial Officer at Luke’s Lobster (@lukeslobster) has it figured out. Partnering with Qu POS (@qu_pos) and Restaurant365, Song and company have gladly handed over IT tasks to their counterparts. 

“When I found these two organizations,” Song says of Qu and R365, “there are not so many middle people who are just clogging up the data or compromising data integrity that allows me to scale and use their IT teams. We don’t even have IT.”

Sean Brennan is a Hospitality Technology Specialist and serves as the Director of Sales at Qu POS. Though they offer a tremendous opportunity for restaurants, Brennan and Qu are selective with who they partner with in order to ensure they provide the best service to their strategic partners.

“We are very deliberate in the segment that we focus on. We are an enterprise exclusive platform. We service only multi-unit operators in the fast, casual and quick service arena.” explains Brennan. “We want to be a gold medalist in one event, not a bronze medal decathlete trying to be everything for everyone.”

Watch this Digital Hospitality Episode where the duo sits down with host Shawn Walchef and Paul Bedeski, Customer Success Manager at R365, at the Restaurant Transformation Festival in Austin, TX. 

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Interview Takeaways

Efficient Integration – Steve Song took a look at his tech partners and became overwhelmed. Instead of trying to do it all, he partnered with Restaurant365 and Qu POS IT teams to handle that part of the business.


Being a Gold Medalist – Sean Brennan has taken a deliberate approach to selecting their customer base. Instead of saying yes to everyone, he is strategic with who he says no to so that Qu can provide gold medal service.


Feedback is Essential to Growth – Paul Bedeski has been with Restaurant365 for five years. During his time, he has seen the platform grow by asking for and receiving feedback from clients in order to consistently serve them the best way possible

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