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Technology and Digital Hospitality with Chuck Lipp and Chris Abrams

In their respective roles at Dewey’s Pizza, Chuck Lipp, the President, and Chris Abrams, the Director of Technology, are driving initiatives to simplify technology and enhance digital hospitality for an improved customer experience. Abrams, with a background in technology spanning various industries, emphasizes the importance of keeping technology simple and unobtrusive, allowing it to enhance rather than overshadow hospitality and product quality. 


Abrams tells host Shawn P. Walchef, “If you have the hospitality right, if you have the product right, technology is there to enable but kind of stay out of the way.”


Lipp focuses on digital hospitality and aims to make interactions with Dewey’s Pizza easy and enjoyable for customers. He underlines the significance of conveying the brand’s tone through digital channels, recognizing that only 7% of every interaction is conveyed through words. 

“We call it 7, 45,48. Right. Like, 7% of every interaction is words, so it’s really hard to get the words, which is only 7%, which is really all you’re seeing in a text. So what do they say?” explains Lipp.


Together, Lipp and Abrams are working on leveraging technology to gather data for informed decision-making, from scheduling to order optimization, while maintaining a keen focus on customer-centric digital interactions.

Listen and watch this Digital Hospitality episode that took place at the Restaurant Transformation Festival in Austin, TX to learn about simplifying technology, digital hospitality for customer success, and learning through connecting.


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Interview Takeaways:

Simplifying Technology for Enhanced Hospitality – Chris Abrams position with Dewey’s Pizza isn’t common in the industry. However, with his experience in technology, he is working with Dewey’s to continue to streamline processes to enhance customer experience.


Digital Hospitality at its Core – Digital Hospitality is put in place to make the experience more enjoyable for the customer and the company. Chuck Lipp strives to simplify Dewey’s Pizza’s hospitality efforts to ensure that the patrons understand the brand’s purpose immediately.


Learning Through Connecting – Chuck Lipp and Chris Abrams learn by doing. Lessons come from successes, failures, and sharing so attending events like the Restaurant Transformation Tour to grow as a company and help others grow.

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