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Taking Technology to the Next Level with Scott Gillman of Dine Technology​

Scott Gillman is the CEO of Dine Technology, Mascott Corporation, and partner with Restaurant365. Gillman and company has built and operated over 70 restaurants. With the increased implementation of technology, Gillman continues to push his partners to build products that become learning tools. 

During the Restaurant Transformation Tour, Gillman sat down with Digital Hospitality host Shawn Walchef of Cali BBQ Media and Restaurant365’s co-Founder Tony Smith to discuss the “this or that” ratio, doing the hard work, and helping technology serve as a learning tool.

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Interview Takeaways

 The “This to That” Ratio – According to Scott Gillman, people who typically start restaurants are not “financial people”. Now, with the increased implementation of technology it is important for owners to be cognizant of what is profitable, even it may carry a cost on the front end.

You Can’t Eliminate the Hard Work – One question that Scott Gillman wish he had asked onstage at the Restaurant Transformation Tour is one that spoke to client frustration. Sometimes, though, even implementing systems like Restaurant365 doesn’t eliminate old fashion, tried and true hard work.

Building a Learning Tool – Restaurant365 and Dine Technologies are wonderful pieces of technology. Scott Gillman understands a great product includes the ability to be a learning tool and not simply great programming.

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