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Restaurant365 Makes Restaurant Accounting Sexy – CEO Tony Smith (DH136)

There’s a reason more than 28,000 restaurants trust Restaurant365 to help them become more profitable.

Led by inspiring CEO Tony Smith, Restaurant365 knows — and loves — restaurants.

“We have four core values. Our first one is we love good food,” Tony Smith said on the Digital Hospitality podcast, hosted by restaurant owner Shawn P. Walchef of “We love the restaurant industry and we help restaurants thrive and grow.”

Shawn Walchef talks about restaurant technology with Restaurant365 CEO Tony Smith in Chicago

Check out this Digital Hospitality podcast episode with Restaurant 365 CEO Tony Smith to learn about co-founding the all-in-one restaurant management software company, increasing profits and efficiency for restaurants, and the rockstar-themed Restaurant Transformation Tour 2022 stop in Los Angeles at the historic Wiltern theater.


Restaurant Transformation Tour 2022 Los Angeles at The Wiltern in June

3 Takeaways from this Episode —

Restaurant Accounting Made Sexy: When Tony Smith first started Restaurant365, accounting was a general, unsexy necessity of business in general. He and his team set out to meet the complications that are unique to restaurant accounting.

A.A.V: Always Adding Value: Tony Smith and the team at Restaurant365 begin with the fundamental question of “what value is this idea going to add” when strategizing their next move. They understand that, though it is important, a successful business is more than just a positive Yelp review.  In an industry where technology is being introduced at a rapid pace, the goal for Restaurant365 continues to be meeting needs and adding value.

Restaurant Transformation Tour: In person events are back! Restaurant365 is jumping back into things with the exciting, rockstar tour-themed Restaurant Transformation Tour that aims to cover all things to enhance restaurant success.


Restaurant365 Helping Restaurants Thrive

Restaurant365 CEO Tony Smith

Owning and operating restaurants provides a set of trials that are unique to the industry. Tony Smith and Restaurant365 are doing their best to streamline the process to make their customers profits go up. 

Prior to co-founding Restaurant365, the CEO honed his digital skillset with a software consulting company. As he spent his days researching, designing, and implementing accounting solutions, his love for good food never waned. The merging of the two interests created the framework for the core values of Restaurant365.

Restaurant365 Core Values

  1. Love Good Food
  2. Share Positive Vibes
  3. Solve Problems, Together
  4. Relentlessly Seek Greatness

Though technology can be complicated, Restaurant365’s mission is to simplify the technology chain of restaurants for seamless integrations with other vital restaurant tech like Toast.

That sort of forward-thinking goal, and Tony Smith’s previous work experience, allows the leader to see gaps in production that may be inhibiting the growth of a company. In this case, that gap was the general approach many restaurants took regarding their accounting. The particular challenges that come with that part of a successful restaurant is something Smith and his team are targeting to help with Restaurant365.

“Most everyone was using a generic accounting product,” Smith describes about why they created Restaurant365 “Our mission was to make the phrase restaurant accounting mean something because restaurants run uniquely.”

Starting in 2011 from personal finances, Tony Smith and co-founder John Moody began their journey creating what Smith deems as their “core system”. In just over a decade, they have gone from a small 5 foot table and Moody dragging a suitcase around the National Restaurant Show to now putting on their own major events with the Restaurant Transformation Tour


Restaurant Transformation Tour 2022 —

The Restaurant Transformation Tour is R365’s latest contribution to the restaurant industry. People gathering and enjoying community is the essence of the restaurant industry, and the central motivation for the Restaurant Transformation Tour.  In the midst of the fun and music, however, there will be an immense amount of learning opportunities for participants. 

Restaurant Transformation Tour Los Angeles ticketsThe unconventional idea of having a tour aligns with what Smith believes to be his number priority as a CEO. 

“The number one that I always say is our company’s culture.”

Restaurant365 continues to push restaurants to improve as they work in collaboration with their partners to understand pain points and create solutions. Tony Smith and company want to share their wealth of knowledge to help restaurants not only survive, but thrive.  

-Feature Article by Cali BBQ Media Writer TJ Void. Get in touch with TJ at




Restaurant365 Office Design

Restaurant 365 —

Restaurant365 is the industry’s leading all-in-one, cloud-based accounting, inventory, scheduling, payroll, and HR solution developed specifically for restaurants. The R365 platform simplifies day-to-day management for restaurant operators, allowing them to control food costs and optimize labor costs. Integrations and open APIs enable Restaurant365 to connect with other systems including POS providers, vendors, and banks. The result is accurate, timely reporting that provides a clear and complete view of their businesses. Restaurant365 allows operators to focus on what matters — their guests.

Restaurant365 is based in Irvine, California with offices in Austin, Texas and Petaluma, California. The company is backed by Bessemer Venture Partners, ICONIQ, Tiger Global Management, and Serent Capital.

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