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Learn From Hospitality Pros at Virtual Restaurant Marketing Summit

Branded Restaurant Marketing Summit 2023 is Jan. 25-26 and is free

We want you to win. Join us at the virtual Restaurant Marketing Summit 2023 on Jan. 25-26 to learn useful strategies and stories from some of the top thinkers in modern marketing and hospitality.

The 2023 Branded Restaurant Marketing Summit is free and registration can be found at Signing up allows registrants access to all 32 conference presentations during the 48-hour window of the event.

For those wanting a deeper experience, there is a VIP package available that includes on-demand access to training and other elements to help growth, such as the Social Media Order Igniter, which maps out a posting schedule and ideas for restaurant and business owners.

“I don’t want to talk about operations. I don’t want to talk about the labor shortage. I don’t want to talk about any of the stuff that gets talked about at any of the other conferences. I literally want to show you how to get and keep more guests.”

Free Restaurant Marketing Summit:

Our friend and podcast guest David “Rev” Ciancio knows it takes courage to tell your honest story online. The marketing thought-leader and entrepreneur created the Branded Restaurant Marketing Summit to highlight useful strategies and true tales from 32 of the biggest and brightest names in the hospitality industry.

Restaurant Influencers host and Cali BBQ Media Owner Shawn Walchef (@shawnpwalchef) is a conference presenter (talking about “The Upside-Down Vertical Video Club”) as are our former podcast guests Matt Plapp (@AmericasBestRestaurants) and Kyle Inserra (@restaurantideafactory).

“It’s an online conference. You don’t have to leave your house, your office, your bedroom, wherever you consume content. It’s all video content,” explains David “Rev” Ciancio to Shawn Walchef on the Restaurant Influencers podcast.

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