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Increasing Efficiency with Machine Learning – Branden McRill of 5 Out

Branden McRill (@brandenmcrill) is the co-founder and CEO of 5 Out,  which has a goal to maximize restaurant profitability by predicting performance using data and machine learning. As an experienced restauranteur, McRill found a gap in the space that pushed him to create 5 Out to incorporate technology as a way to enhance digital hospitality. 
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Interview Takeaways

The Difference between Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI): According to Branden McRill, the difference between ML and AI is as simple as the comparison of forecasting and projection. One, ML, using data to assume what is likely to happen in the future.

More Data Equals More Accuracy: As Branden McRill and 5 out continues to build their machine learning product, consumer information is of the utmost importance. Digital hospitality remains at the forefront because the more information gathered, the more accurate the machine’s predictions will become.

Why “5 Out” – With all companies, there is more to the branding than just the name. Branden McRill and 5 Out is no different. With a focus on forecasting up to 5 weeks out, the company’s name is symbolic of increased efficiency.

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