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Building Emotional Toughness Before The Sun Rises | Steven Musielski (The 413 Experience) | DH120

Steven Musielski on the Digital Hospitality podcast talking about the 413 on Clubhouse

Some people wake up and pour a cup of coffee. Steven Musielski wakes up early to pour into people he has never met.

Digital Hospitality podcast guest Steven Musielski is the host and founder of The 4:13 Experience clubroom on Clubhouse. Every morning before 4am (3:38am to be exact) Steven opens up the audio app to connect with and inspire whoever joins the room.


“We’re building up emotional toughness,” he shares about his 4:13 club’s mission on the Cali BBQ Media podcast.

“If you’re thankful, encouraged and forward thinking those are great building blocks because you’re going to get hit. You’re going to take rejection like any person.”

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Takeaways from Interview:

1. New Networks Preselect Innovators –
At this point, many of us are overwhelmed by the number of apps and social networking platforms that pop up every day. While this is a fair way to feel, it’s important to keep in mind that each app has the power to attract early adopters and thus innovative thinkers.

2. Emotional Toughness Matters –
Steven and his community at 4:13 focus on stewards of positive thinking not because they’re starry eyed but rather because they know adversity always hits. By being in a good mental space, you’re better adjusted to valleys and plateaus because your base level of perspective is higher.

3. Audio Apps Allow for Deeper Connection –
While photo and text platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter provide the platform to meet new people, what’s more intimate than already having heard their voice? With Clubhouse, jumping on the phone to make a game-changing call is all the easier because a conversation and vocal context already exists.


The 4:13 Experience —

By building a community through the Clubhouse app, Steven Musielski has the chance to inspire regulars and strangers with the inspiration to take on the day. Through creative conversations that build emotional toughness, 4:13 attendees begin each morning with a positive outlook for whatever comes their way.

The best part of the 4:13 community?

It’s different every day.

“The community is a powerful group of people and it’s totally unexpected,” Steven shares. “You couldn’t predict who’s going to come in or who’s not going to come there. So, based on who shows up, that’s going to determine the direction. You can go with business minded people, personal development minded people, leadership type of people… It’s all who shows up that’s going to determine the direction of everything.”

While waking up before the sunrise to connect and converse with strangers might seem like a stretch to some, Steven has already seen the benefits of joining the latest audio app that’s taking off.

“Here’s the pitch on Clubhouse,” begins Steven about the exciting audio social media platform. “You’re by nature going to get early adopters, creative people, innovative people, people that think way outside the box. They’re going to take more chances and they’re going to do more things in business. And then you get the 04:13 room that’s so outside the box that it’s outside the building. People that are taking chances and doing things. Super exciting people.”

Connect with Steven Musielski —

Not a bad community of people to build with, right?

While the innovators and outliers on Clubhouse can become the next leaders in industry due to their outside the box thinking and risk taking tendencies, Steven has been most happy with the fellowship that comes from the 4:13 community.

“There are people in the community that care about one another in deep ways,” acknowledges Steven. “People that will reach out to you on your Instagram and on your LinkedIn. There are people that will look for ways to help you and put you in positions where you can do well in whatever business that you’re in. There’s a deep level of encouragement and deep level of passion that I’ve never seen in any other community. They’ll jump on a call with you and have a conversation for two hours.”

So, is starting your morning by pouring into others maybe even more of an energizer than pouring a cup of coffee?

For Steven the answer is yes, but there’s no reason you can’t do both.

We meet seven days a week for about an hour and 22 minutes,” notes Steven Musielski on the Digital Hospitality podcast.

“Every day is different and that’s the fun thing.”

-Feature article by Cali BBQ Media writer Ian Stonebrook. Get in touch with Ian on social media @ianstonebrook.


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