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Spark Restaurant Innovation Event 2021 by Toast

Spark 2021 by Toast is November 16, 2021

Spark by Toast is an online Restaurant Innovation Event that no restaurateur should miss.

The Toast Spark event takes place online on Nov. 16 and features insights and education from restaurant industry professionals, including innovative restaurateur José Andrés. You’ll also get an exclusive look at new Toast tech.



Spark restaurant event served by Toast is November 16 2021 at 2pm EST

At Cali BBQ we are proud Toasters.

We hope you join us online on Nov. 16 for the 2021 Toast Spark event.


Spark: A Restaurant Innovation Event from Toast

DATE: NOV. 16, 2021
TIME: 11:00AM (PST)


Spark restaurant event served by Toast RSVP before Nov. 16 2021

2021 Spark Toast Agenda —

Join Spark, a Restaurant Innovation Event served by Toast on Nov. 16, 2021.

11:10 am PST

For the Love of Restaurants:

Toast’s mission is to empower the restaurant community to do what they love, delight their guests, and thrive. CEO Chris Comparato reflects on the meaning of that mission today and announces an expansive line-up of innovative new products inspired by the needs and challenges we’ve heard from Toast’s customers.

11:30 am PST

Access Capital and Cash Flow Faster:

Restaurants run on tight cash flow. But there are too few financial solutions designed specifically to help restaurants. Hear from Alpha Kiflu on how Toast is investing in products to improve your access to capital and provide you with faster access to your sales to fuel your restaurant’s growth.

11:40 am PST

Make your Restaurant a Great Place to Work:

Restaurants are high-stress, fast-moving environments. Rebecca Levine will share how Toast’s employee management tools can make your restaurant a great place to work by streamlining onboarding, managing, and paying your staff, while offering your team more control over their schedules.

11:50 am PST

Growing a Healthy Off-Premise Business:

With takeout and delivery making up a significant percentage of Toast restaurants’ sales in 2021, restaurants face constant challenges to maintain control of their operations and bottom line. Monica Castillo will share new solutions that will help you not only run your takeout and delivery business more efficiently, but also help maximize your profits.

12 pm PST

Making Your Money Work for You:

Running a restaurant is too much work to not turn a profit. Without the right tools, it’s difficult to get a handle on the details of your restaurant’s expenses. Hear from Alexia Fimmano how xtraCHEF by Toast automates accounting tasks while unlocking valuable data to help maximize margin.

12:10 pm PST

Get the Most Out of Toast:

Toast is raising the bar in restaurant success through a revolutionary suite of Customer Support, On-Demand Trainings, and Professional Services offerings. Learn from Senior Customer Trainer Nicholas Franklin how to get more from Toast and gain early access to new Toast Menu and Specialist services coming soon.

12:20 pm PST

KEYNOTE: José Andrés on Changing the World Through the Power of Food:

Chef José Andrés – author, educator, humanitarian, and owner of more than 30 restaurants worldwide – knows a thing or two about innovating under pressure. Hear from Chef Andrès as he discusses the top trends shaping not just the restaurant industry, but the world.

Toast Spark Event 2021

Spark: A Restaurant Innovation Event

DATE: NOV. 16, 2021
TIME: 11:00AM (PST)



Toast makes your restaurant even better. Request a demo of Toast online.


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